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I'm sad to report that I've had 4-5 conversations lately about last minute "emergencies."   None of these exchanges involved actual, bona fide, life-threatening emergencies of course.

First, I'm a college advisor.  Not a cardiologist.  Or bail bondsman.  Those guys have real emergencies.

My fauxmergencies involve sudden realizations that, yes, the school year is starting and all best laid plans 'o mice and kids of getting college applications, essays, or doing well on the SAT or ACT have gone awry. 

But wait, there will be more fake emergencies, right around Early Decision, Early Action and financial aid deadlines, and frantic phone calls and emails requesting help.  Some will come in the day of said deadlines.  (We don't bother to return those calls.)

Harken unto me and listen to my best possible advice I can give anyone in 12th, 11th, 10th grades or younger:  there are no surprise deadlines.  All colleges publish...

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High GPA, Low SAT or ACT

Even though more than a thousand colleges let you apply to them without submitting your SAT or ACT, you should be aware of a dirty little secret about admissions officers:
They'd PREFER to see standardized test scores!
Because, despite their flaws, the SAT and ACT are still helpful predictors of how well a student will do in college.
Before I continue, understand that I'm not here to defend either the College Board or the ACT. I'm well aware of the biases that affect kids' scores, especially financial means to take test prep or hire expensive tutors.
Side bar: I'm also old enough to remember the Party Line spoken by the College Board for years: that the SAT was so fair that there was zero advantage to studying for it or hiring a tutor!
Then one day they partnered with Khan Academy to provide classes and tutoring.
Anyhoo, one of the most common...
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