Currently accepting 9th and 10th grade students; limited availability for 11th graders. Click to apply.


The Lockwood Inner Circle Membership

Self-directed, budget-friendly way to "dip your toes in the water" (with a LITTLE help) into creating a winning colle...

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Financial Aid Forms Prep Service

For Parents Who Think They Can't Qualify for Anything Because They Make Too Much  The quick, easy and stress-fr...

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College Strategy Session

One-on-one meeting to create your gameplan for: college list college applications and essays financial aid and s...

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Private College Coaching & Consulting

By application only.  Private consulting & coaching to multiply odds of admission, triple eligibility for gr...

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How To Appeal Your Lousy Financial Aid/Scholarships Offer

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FINALLY! Here's how to comfortably afford your child/children's "Dream Colleges"

How to quickly and easily exploit overlooked, legal "loopholes..." and navigate clear of dangerous, costly landmine...

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6th Annual College Essays and Applications BOOT CAMP!

Your Kid = OUR "Project" Sick and tired of the stress, pressure and fighting with your worthless and weak teen over ...

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Become a Certified College Guru

Do well by doing good: Help 3.7M new prospects per year with: financial aid and merit aid getting into college ...

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"Secret" Financial Aid Strategies Webinar

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