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Can your child get into a decent college?  Are there any realistic strategies to improve his odds of admission to his "Dream School", or should he lower his expectations and call it a day? 

Can you qualify for scholarships or other financial aid to cut the insanely high cost of college?

And how can he possibly stand out from 50,000 competitors who look the same on paper?

Here's what happens when we meet...

1. Questions

Fire away any "burning" questions on our call!  Most calls are about getting into college, paying for college (grants and scholarships) help managing the whole process, i.e. ACT/SAT, what do do when, esp. choosing colleges, extra-curriculars, interviews, applications essays, more.

2. Answers

You'll get answers to each of your questions.  However, be forewarned:  typically, Andy has several questions for you.  Frequently, your discussion will revolve around what type of help you' re looking for, grades, standardized test scores (if known), extra-curricular activities, financial info such as income, savings, your goals...and challenges. 

3. Good fit?

Andy  will give you the best, candid - advice possible.  If he believes that you'd be a good fit for one of our programs, Andy will make a recommendation..and if Andy does NOT think that our services will be valuable to you, he'll tell you as well (which happens frequently).

Dear fellow parent:

Thank you for your interest in our college advising services.  Let me be straight with you:

Our approach to college planning is different than the typical guidance counselor's advice, different than other college advisors, and may in fact be contradictory to what you've heard from them, other parents or read on the Internet.

Our proprietary "P4" system is really a backward approach to creating a college plan, integrating four separate disciplines.  We're the only game in town when it comes to this approach - to our knowledge, no public high school guidance counselor, private school advisor or any other college planner addresses the following critical elements in a comprehensive, integrated way.

That means we're not right for everybody.  And tuition for our coaching is not for the faint of heart.  We only work with families, including students, who are COMMITTED to achieving success.  

Here's how we approach college planning and advising, in our proprietary, "P4" program.  However please understand that every client is unique, has their own strengths, challenges and goals.  This means that we take a personal, customized approach to coaching our clients -- our program is the opposite of a one-size-fits-all approach.  Our college advising covers the following areas:

1. PlanFirst, we explore your child's "wiring" and what that translates into in terms of where they can fit into the world AND make a living (i.e. getting off Mom and Dad's payroll. :). 

2. Path We build a strategic and balanced college list that includes schools that are highly reputable across the cluster of best fit majors and careers that we mutually decide to focus on, as well as "best fit" for other, more traditional college planning considerations.

3. PositionThis means reverse engineering what will resonate with admissions officers, which involves uncovering the unique qualities of each child to position them to stand from thousands of competitor-applicants.  This step includes resume-building, essay writing, test prep and tutoring, visits, interviews,  and more. We start this work as early as 8th grade.

4. Produce.  The last step involves scholarships, financial aid advice, FAFSA, CSS Profile and other financial aid applications preparation, and creative funding strategies that frequently involve tax-related advice for high earning business owners. We are experts at negotiating scholarship and financial aid awards, also.

College Advising Fees and Return on Investment

We're not an el-cheapo operation.  But the investment to work with us is commensurate with the value we provide in terms of scholarships and financial aid we're able to help clients obtain...

...not to mention clarity about which colleges to apply to, what to write on essays and applications, which courses and extracurricular activities to pursue, college visits and interviews, holding your child accountable through the entire process so you don't have to scream at them and similar concerns and more...

...which ALL equates to a huge reduction of uncertainty and stress that, frankly, is impossible to quantify.

We're a small shop and have extremely limited capacity for new clients.  Andy personally takes on 24 select students per graduation class and plans to cut that number down substantially in the near future.  His and our associate college planners' capacities seem to fill up earlier each year.

Current college advisory fees start at $3,500 for financial aid consulting and applications preparation, and can be  $12,000-24,000 for college advising, or more (subject to change, without notice). 

The range depends on when families start to work with us, whether enrolled in our comprehensive college advisory program (above), if they work with Andy privately or one of our associate college planners (supervised by Andy) and other factors.

Lockwood College Prep also offers standalone SAT and ACT prep.

NOTE:  because we are a 'boutique" firm with limited capacity to work 1-on-1 with families, we are extremely choosy about whom we work with.  If we sense that a child or parent will not be a good fit (e.g. committed to success, motivated and easy to work with), we will politely inform them so and conclude the meeting, no hassles or hard feelings.  We can refer you to other college advisors if necessary.

However, if we mutually decide that it's appropriate to discuss these details on your call, you'll get everything you need -- including pricing, deliverables and MUTUAL expectations --  to make a decision about working with us.


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If you have ANY questions about booking a meeting or other topics, call 516.882.5464 or email [email protected].  Either Andy or someone on his team will get back to you as soon as possible.

"We think of you often, and our ROI on our investment in YOU is infinity."

-Louise Barnard

P.S. This just in:  this is an example of the lovely, positive comments we receive from EX-clients.  In this case, Louise Barnard, real estate entrepreneur and her husband, Mark Barnard, head coach for the Oregon State Women's Volleyball Team and Australian National Team.

Frankly, comments (and client results) like these are what gets me and Pearl up and out of bed every morning. :)

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