"Secrets" Of How to Get Into Your Dream College...and Create a WINDFALL of Scholarships and Financial Aid...

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Author and College Advisor Andy Lockwood

...without sacrificing your current lifestyle, raiding your retirement savings or selling a kidney...even if you think you can't possibly qualify for anything!

Controversial:  Andy explains how guidance counselors and parents get it wrong

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Andy Lockwood interviewed in the Netflix documentary, "Operation Varsity Blues:  The College Admissions Scandal"

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Pearl and Andy Lockwood have been featured countless times over the years for their college expertise by various media, including:

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From the desk of Andy Lockwood

Thursday, 3:47pm

Glenwood Landing, New York

Re: How to create an (almost) unfair advantage to get into today's ultra-competitive colleges...

...and qualify for generous financial aid, merit aid and tuition discounts so that you can comfortably afford college without affecting your lifestyle...

...even if you earn a high income, own your own business or think you can't possibly qualify for any type of financial assistance!

Dear Fellow Parent,

If you're tossing and turning at night over  whether your kid(s) will be able to get into a decent college...

...and/or whether you'll be able to pay tuition without being forced to clip coupons and brown-bag all your meals, or racking up unsurmountable high fee, high rate student and parent debt, I promise that it will be worth your time to read the rest of this note.

You certainly won't get this type of advice anywhere else!

You might think that I have a screw loose, but I'm convinced that today's turbulent times have created many amazing, unprecedented silver linings and opportunities for smart, proactive families.

Some examples, off the top of my head:

  • Colleges are bargaining like never before, as they scramble to entice qualified students to enroll in order to replace lost revenue from (full-paying) international students.
  • If you know how to negotiate with colleges, you could create a personal, unexpected merit aid or financial aid  windfall.
  • Competitive colleges appear to be tightening their admissions standards on the surface, at least for the time being.  But if you know 1. what admissions officers are REALLY looking for (hint:  not just a high GPA and strong SAT or ACT scores) and 2. how to create a balanced, strategic and realistic college list, your admissions results will be far better than your fellow competitor-applicants at your high school and elsewhere.

Our firm helps students get into their "Dream Colleges" and parents comfortably afford tuition.

But before I share details of our program, I want to talk about something even more important than being admitted at a "Rear Window Sticker School" and receiving scholarships or financial aid...

Frankly, it's been the sleeping elephant in the room for years:


Evaluating what you'll GET OUT of college.

In other words, "College Return on Investment."

With many families suddenly feeling financial pressure or contemplating the increased likelihood of "virtual college", they're starting to question VALUE.

It's about time!


The Back Story

My name is Andy Lockwood, I'm an author, (non-practicing, recovering) attorney and a college consultant, with more than 20 years experience advising families with college-bound teens.

In a way, the college advising profession found me, not the other way around. I racked up six figures of student debt between college and law school, which lead to all sorts of setbacks and stress from the resulting credit issues.

I knew instinctively that there had to be a better way, since my father was a writer and artist (read:  "low income") and that my college roommate was on huge amounts of financial aid, but you'd never know if from the car he drove or the toys he had!

Now Pearl (my wife and business partner) and I have four of our own children -- some in college, some on the way -- just like you.  When they were in pre-school and elementary school years ago, we swore a blood oath that they would never go through anything remotely like what I endured!

One thing led to another, including researching and writing books on the financial aid process, the admissions process, the essay writing process and how to negotiate with colleges for more financial aid and scholarships, to help other families.

Fast forward a few years later, and we were fortunate to make a name for ourselves locally, nationally and even internationally.

My firm, Lockwood College Prep., has a different approach to planning for college for select families who want to:

  1. Help their children "launch" for success post-college, and
  2. Pay for it easily, without sacrificing their current lifestyle or plundering their retirement savings.


The Problem With Experts

High school guidance counselors,  accountants and financial advisors often give misinformed, inaccurate information that can SABOTAGE the very families they're attempting to advise.

Don't expect any help from your friendly colleges either - despite their nonprofit status, they are in business...BIG BUSINESS.

First, they have their own enrollment agenda(s) that you may or may not have, such as social justice-related goals.  These often have NOTHING to do with your child's academic merits.

Second, when it comes right down to it, they want as much of your money as they can get their hands on!

But that's not the biggest problem...


"The 40" Not the Four

Most parents  - and guidance counselors - miss the mark badly by focusing entirely on the four years of college...

...at the expense of other, far more important considerations than college rank, "Rear Window Sticker Appeal" or whether you like the mascot and/or hoodie!

That artificial four year (hopefully!) sliver of a young adult's existence pales in comparison to the importance of his or her NEXT 40-50 years of their post-college life.

This myopic approach is as dumb as focusing all of your time, energy and money solely on getting to the airport...

...But you have NO IDEA where the flight is going!

For my money, this is the biggest mistake a family can make, because it's a surefire path switching majors two or three times:  Hello, Six Year Plan!

Or graduating with a goofy degree that's utterly useless to a prospective employer!

"Get me the Gender Studies Major!" said no employer, ever!

college advisor discusses negotiating and appealing with colleges on cbs

The author on CBS, describing how to negotiate with colleges

 If You "Wing It"...

This isn't abstract, academic stuff we're talking about.

If you abandon your responsibility to your children and don't take action to plan now, the price could be life-altering and crushing.  There's no other way to put it.  You could face:

  • The "Six Year Plan" at $70,000 plus per year
  • Mountains of high fee, high-rate debt for your student
  • Crushing PARENT debt, or mortgaging your home or retirement up to the eyeballs
  • A job that doesn't require a college degree, relegating your child back to the basement after they complete their  "education"

We've developed a system to radically REDUCE or flat-out eliminate your odds of succumbing to these horrible fates.

Lockwood College Prep's focus is unusual and different than the "advice" given by the vast majority of unthinking, tunnel-visioned guidance counselors and college consultants.

It's a different approach, which means that we're not right for every family (see below).

The "P4" System

Our comprehensive program helps select college-bound children and families

  • Plan: Discover what to major in to succeed during and AFTER college
  • Path:  Figure out where to apply
  • Position:  Optimize your child's ability to get into their Dream Colleges, and
  • Produce:  Qualify for generous amounts of financial aid and scholarships, get FAFSA and all paperwork done, negotiate with your colleges

You may notice that this is a "backwards" approach, because we don't even begin to create a starter list of colleges until we get a handle on the "what's next."

Then, we "back into" colleges.

To my knowledge, no other college consultant combines each of the above under one roof. You certainly can't get anything remotely like this system from your guidance counselor.

Our team is comprised of former college admissions officers from elite colleges, career counselors and former Ivy League and "Little Ivy" League athletes and students.

NOT English teachers with dubious credentials who've never had the responsibility to decide whether to admit or deny a student.

On the other hand, during their tenures in college admissions, our specialists reviewed thousands of applications per year, each application containing four to six essays.

In contrast, your English teacher or guidance counselor is basically GUESSING what a good college essay and application looks like...

...Because they've never "been in the room where it happens," to quote the musical Hamilton.

Final point: We work well with coachable motivated teens who want to be successful, particularly high-achieving students gunning for the country's elite academic institutions.

But NOT with the apathetic, unmotivated or entitled. 

We also do well with parents who value expertise and are not cheap on their way to success.

But not know-it-alls, "helicopter parents" (who write essays for their children and/or monitor their inboxes and send emails to colleges on their behalf), or the "un-fun."

I'm not telling you this to offend. I don't judge.

It's just that we're too busy helping the kind of families who "get" us, whom we WANT to help...

...instead of wasting time with those who are not a good fit, or are high maintenance, "Energy Vampires."


How We Help

Our services include majors and career counseling, college advising, financial aid and scholarship consulting and financial aid forms preparation, SAT and ACT prep and more.

We are the only game in town to combine -- and unify -- these interrelated disciplines, which we do to help families achieve a College ROI.

Ironically, even though we help many of our students get into Ivy and similarly competitive colleges, I don't care WHERE they go, whether Harvard, community college or anything in between.

Our mission is to help our students launch for success, in LIFE.

The Next Step

We only take on clients whom we believe, from experience and in good faith, that we can help achieve a substantial return on investment in our services. (We turn down approximately one of three prospective families.)

We're not a big "one size fits all" operation.  We are a small firm specializing in customized, "perfect size for you" advice, which means we have severe capacity restraints and can take on a handful of new clients each year.

We require a substantial investment to work with us (if we mutually decide to work together), but you can see the results our clients have achieved all over this page and elsewhere.

If our approach feels right to you, I invite you to click the green button and book a free "College Strategy Session" to explore working together.

I hope we get a chance to speak soon!


Andrew Lockwood, J.D.

Founder, Lockwood College Prep

P.S. If the link to our booking page doesn't work it's because we have stopped accepting clients for the time being.

Applications and Essays Bootcamp

Your Kid:  Our Project!

For parents of rising seniors afflicted by a sinking pit-in-stomach feeling about the inevitable tension from yelling and threatening your son or daughter all summer to get their college applications D-O-N-E...

Here's how to transform yourself from stress...to college success!

Enroll them in our intensive bootcamp-style summer workshops to complete the college essay and applications BEFORE they head back to school! 

Not for the worthless and weak.

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Game Changer:  The NEW FAFSA Rules and How They Affect You

The MASSIVE, 5900+ page CARES Act passed in January 2021 affects, among other things, financial aid eligibility for parents with multiple children in college, divorced and separated families and families with grandparents who help pay for college.  Read this new, short report to make sense of the changes and see how the new rules could impact you.

Closely-Guarded College Admissions and Financial Aid Secrets: Webinar

Bestselling books

Andy "wrote the book" on financial aid (and college admissions, essays, and other aspects of the college planning process)

College Negotiations "Secrets"

Even before Coronavirus hit, 2020 was shaping up to be a banner year for bargaining with colleges.

Unlike other books, Andy's newest how-to guide is based on real-life, NON-theoretical experience, and reveals how to appeal a low-ball offer, including "special circumstances" arguments, how to ruthlessly and mercilessly play colleges off against each other, more.

It's also chock full of sarcastic, asinine commentary, included at no extra charge (buyer beware).


Financial Aid "Loopholes"

Tips for high income families, business owners and "forgotten middle class" families to slash college costs by 52.4% or more...

...even if they think, No WAY can families like us EVER qualify for anything!

Discover the inconvenient truth about the 529, which savings penalize you more than others, more.


College Admissions Strategies

Psst!  You wearing a wire?  Good.

Here's how to get an almost unfair edge over your competitor-applicants!  From Long Island's greatest, unindicted college advisor -  insider secrets on how to multiply your odds of getting into your Dream College without donating to a fake charity, paying off a proctor or other unsavory tactics!


How to Write a Kick *SS Essay

How to write a college essay so compelling that admissions officers crawl naked over broken glass to admit your child!

Straight from the gut, candid interview with a former admissions officer from one of the most elite colleges in the country, on what "they" are REALLY looking for in a college essay.

And what NOT to write 🙂

Tuesdays and Fridays with Pearl and Andy:  Join us for College Coffee Talk, Tuesdays at 10:00am EST where we cover the latest developments in college admissions, financial aid, SAT and ACT prep, take viewer questions, more!

Also, because we can no longer answer, for free, all of the questions that come in via email and phone calls, we created FAQ Us Friday.  Each Friday we choose one question submitted to us previously and post it on our Facebook page.

Here's where to submit your question.

FAQ Us Friday

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Blunt, non-politically correct opinion and advice in your ears about college admissions, scholarships, crazy parents, deceptive colleges, more!

Premium Services

We offer premium one-on-one consulting services for select families who are ready to invest in a mentoring and coaching relationship.

Space limited, by application only.

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More Reviews and Testimonial Letters

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My son is going to a top college on monies he received totally from Andy's involvement.  He looked me in the eye and told me...'I get my clients five times the amount of their investment.  HE WASN'T KIDDING!!!  Best money I ever spent.

Scott Sanders, Long Beach, NY


I needed someone to bounce ideas off of for the essays, it was great to have you.  I knew my English teachers could not help me.  Thank you!

- Julia Petrini, Brown University


I don't know where to begin. Our financial aid packages are just now starting to come in and each one is better than the next.  Just today Boston University gave is $40,000.  Rob and I had no idea how were were possibly going to afford to send our girls to college.  Thanks to your knowledge of filing and the FAFSA and CSS form, and your strategic positioning of our finances, we're now comfortable in knowing we are getting the most out of the system and will be able to put our girls through college.  Thank you Andy!  You made this process so easy and, dare I say, downright fun...you helped us afford our kids' dream schools.  Thank goodness you know all the loopholes.

Very truly yours,

Stephanie and Rob Salzbank, Port Washington, NY




Dear Andy

I finally have a moment to thank you for all your help this year.  I know that my circumstances are unusual.  You pushed me outside of my comfort zone in order to financially benefit.  And it worked!  If you weren't beside me cheering me on, I would not have had the courage to approach the financial aid department at Syracuse - twice!  You have been great throughout this experience.  

Thanks again,

Diane, Business Owner


Dear Andy,

I wanted to thank you for all the help you have given me regarding my son Robert's financial planning for college.

You were an enormous help when I had problems with the FAFSA and eventually the appeal to SUNY Albany.

Your professionalism and patience is what makes you and your business so successful.

I am going to recommend you to all my friends so they can put their mind at ease and not have to worry about undertaking this daunting process alone!


Sabrina Ferrara, Hauppauge, NY


Andy Lockwood and Staff

Dear Mr. Lockwood,

I would like to thank Andy and his staff, and provide affirmation that Andy’s program works and is proven to be successful.  Entering into our journey regarding how we will possibly be able to fund an annual expense of $30K plus is an overwhelming mental experience.  The typical family needs guidance and direction from a qualified individual and Andy is the person to do just that.  Andy provided mental relief and was able to provide a strategy when completing the necessary details for the FAFSA.  Andy provided clear cut direction based on his knowledge and awareness of financial aid available to most families regardless of financial status.  Andy personally engagement in the process regarding the submission of the documents to the educational institutions of choice and provided an estimate of financial aid so there that there was an expectation, which allows for a family to plan accordingly.  Due to Andy’s experience and knowledge regarding available financial aid, the process of developing a plan to support my son’s financial needs for his college education was actual a pleasant experience and not one of hardship and despair.

Once again thanks, Andy to you and your staff and the continued support in making this process a rewarding experience.

We have recommended your firm to a number of our family friends and we are grateful that we were able to have the opportunity to work closely with you on this very important milestone in my son’s next step in life.

Most Sincerely

Sean Cunningham, Belleville, NJ





We want to thank you and Pearl for all your hard work handling our daughter’s financial aid forms and advising us on the issues surrounding college admission.  You simplified an often complex process and took a huge load off of our shoulders.  While we should have listened to your advice regarding early decision, we were pleased with the increase in financial aid afforded to us.  We look forward to your counsel in the years ahead for all three of our college bound children. It’s great working with you both.

Jeanne & Gary Lofgren, Westbury, NY


The Weston High School PTO hosted Andy for an extremely informative and entertaining seminar on the best-kept secrets of securing the ideal financial aid package.

Weston is home to a high income parent population and most walked away not just pleased but astonished that they could, in fact, qualify for financial aid!

The PTO received terrific feedback and we are looking forward to having Andy back next year  -- kudos to Andy for a job well done!

Lisa Bigelow

Vice President, Weston (Connecticut) High School PTO


My library page told me her dad attended and said you were very good, better than the guy that had come here last year, {local business man).  I also just got off the phone with a parent that called and thanked me for running your program.  She said she and the other parents got a lot of good information and that you were a wonderful speaker and very animated.  I told her I would make an effort to have you come back in the spring!

High marks indeed!

Thank you again!

Linda Meglio

Young Adult Librarian, Greenlawn Public Library



...My daughter's long and incongruent "wish list" quickly evolved into ten schools -three in-state and seven out of state , two back ups," the core choices and one stretch school. She was confident and focused as she plunged into the applications. With your guidance, she wrote some terrific essays and completed all ten on time. While all of this was going on you magically expedited the FAFSA and other financial paperwork to all the schools taking that burden and administrative nightmare off our shoulders.

The proof of your program was she was accepted at seven Top 100 schools four of which were out of state, waitlisted at two out of states and was only declined at the "stretch" school, Georgetown. As it turned out, the first school to reply was the one she finally chose but that was only decided once we had all the offers in hand. Every single school made very generous scholarship offers and we ended up choosing a Top 30 school that offered 95% of the total cost of attendance, 70% of which was free money!

We look forward to the next 4 years and our next child knowing that we have the College Planners on our team. Thanks again, Andy and Pete - it has been a pleasure working with you.


Tom Browne, Weston, Florida


Hello Andy,

How are you doing? I have some good news!!! U Miami's Office of Financial aid finally revised Farley’s fafsa and financial aid package and gave us more money. I went from receiving 4,600 to receiving 13,730 and they also sent 4,000 back to my sallie mae loan. I’m so happy!! Thank you soo much!!!

Filberta LeTang, Miami, Florida


Thank you for your guidance during this process.  You and Pearl made it very easy.

Alan Karul, Plainview, New York


Thanks again for all your help - whenever I have a chance to speak to friends who have children with college ahead  I recommend your services.


Frank Brecher, Commack, New York


David was accepted at his first-choice school and we did indeed receive a very generous aid award, with no student loans required first year.

Thanks for your advice and for the information we received through your counseling, your book and the various online resources.

John Rivior, Huntington Station, New York


Hi Andy:

Two things that I have learned over the years:

  1.    Hiring a specialist to assist you in navigating stuff you are not an expert in (you are a specialist as am I.  I am coming to you for your expertise in the arena of colleges  - you do that every day, you are an expert.  Companies come to me to place their catastrophic risks- where I am an expert).  I apply this in my business and personal life.
  2.    Referral Business is my lifeline.  If I do a good job for one guy he tells someone else.  My best new business sources are from referrals and people who  have done business with me in the past. So yes, if you do a good job for me I will brag to my friends about it.

I will admit that I was a little skeptical at first but awfully glad that we engaged your services I know that we have a ways to go but the first blush looks really great. [EDITOR'S NOTE:  Kelly received an $96,000 scholarship offer from one of her two top choice schools.]

I sincerely appreciate you engaging Kelly, I wanted her to be the one to take the lead and responsibility for her own destiny. Having her accountable to someone else besides her Mom (and Dad) was a motivating factor. She was happy to have completed her essay over the summer and gotten an early leg up on the application process. Some of her friends have not even completed essays yet never mind applying to colleges.

Have a great Thanksgiving you and Pearl and the kids!

Theresa Lally, Syosset, New York


We used Andy for the applications and essays. The whole thing was overwhelming, don't try this on your own!  We will be back with our younger daughter.

- Joe Iannone, Owner, Avellino's Pizzeria

Garden City, NY


Nicole is at her dream school, got her Presidential Scholarship - $25K! Thank you for all your help.  I always recommend you to my friends. You and your team played a great role during that painful process.  Thank god it's over lol!

- Elina Kazakevich, Staten Island NY


Thank you for all your help throughout the entire challenging process, esp. with the applications and essays!

-Victorien Jakobsen, Vassar College

kevin martin stanford
kevin martin part ii

We are now working with Andy for the second time after he provided tremendous assistance with my eldest daughter.

He recommended several schools that had excellent programs in connection with my daughter's major and then we worked those schools against each other resulting in a full tuition merit scholarship (plus a few thousand extra towards room/board) - at a major national university!

If you add up the merit awards she was offered over the four years of attendance, she hit the million dollar mark (from 11 schools).

He truly proved that this whole college admissions game is a business and if you know how to play the game, the schools will pay more - especially the schools that compete against each other for students in certain programs.

(Andy made sure we kept detailed records and copies of all merit award letters to use as leverage between schools and we learned that the various undergraduate colleges within a university often have their own merit money to lure students beyond the advertised awards).

That knowledge, coupled with his excellent programs for test prep, essay workshops, etc. were invaluable and made the entire process bearable. Hopefully we will be as successful with our youngest.

-Gerald Chiariello, Esq, Glen Cove, NY

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