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For overwhelmed parents and college-bound kids who are "flying blind" when it comes to a PLAN to get into their "Dream Colleges" and qualifying for scholarships and aid…

How Does Your Student “Stack Up” Against Everyone Else?


Can you qualify for merit scholarships, financial aid or other sources of college funding?

The Competitive Analysis and Positioning Report shows you and your child how to improve odds of admission to their "Dream Colleges"...

...and what you can do to avoid getting stuck paying "Full Boat!"

Our proprietary CAP Report analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of your child's and your family’s specific academic, extracurricular, financial and other factors, and contains actionable recommendations for maximizing your success in the college admissions and finance process

Which colleges does your child have a realistic shot at getting into?  Which are a waste of time?

Is there anything he or she can do to improve chances of admission to his/her "Dream College?"

Will you be stuck paying "full boat" or can your child qualify for merit scholarships or other financial aid?

These are just a few of the many questions we answer in the Competitive Analysis and Positioning Report (CAP Report).  Most parents are completely in the dark about:

1. Their kids' strengths and weaknesses, objectively, from a college admissions standpoint;

2. How to shore up those weaknesses to strengthen odds of admission so that they stand out like a diamond at a coal convention; and

3. Whether they can qualify for scholarships, financial aid or other funding options

The result is a child -- and family -- "flying blind" through the admissions and financial aid processes!

Fixing this is the purpose of the CAP Report. 

Most parents and kids don't sit down with their school counselors until the second half of 11th grade!  The average ratio of student to counselor at public high schools is more than 400:1. 

The stats are better at private high schools, but not the timing.  Plus, most counselors have their own agendas, and cannot give you and your child the personalized, 1:1 advice that you might have wished for. 

Most families fail to discover that until after it's too late.

Instead, you're on your own and just just float along in 9th and 10th grades, blindly assuming that you're making the right choices about courses, in-school activities, out of school extracurriculars, your child's summers and so on.   

However, all of your choices and decisions made BEFORE your big "college meeting" are ON THE RECORD and will be part of your child's college applications!   By then, much of your child's body of work will have been cast in stone, unable to be changed. 

There are no "do-overs" in college admissions.  

Ask yourself...

How will you feel when your child doesn't get into his top choice college -- that he DESERVED to get into --  because he didn't do the things he NEEDED to do in order to get in...

...Because NOBODY TOLD HIM what to do?

While I just described how most parents and students stumble through the college planning process, there is a way to give your children the support they need, and a distinct advantage over their competitors.

When you know more, you can make better decisions that lead to better outcomes, such as your child getting into the college he or she’s dreaming of…

…and doing everything in your power to comfortably afford tuition without sacrificing your current lifestyle or going into hock with high fee, high (and rising) interest rate education debt!

The CAP Report is a written, easy-to-follow document containing specific strategies and recommendations based on your family’s unique situation, goals and other factors. 

It is designed to help you get on the right path to success in college admission, financial aid and life.

The process takes into account your student’s grade point average, rigor of coursework, standardized testing (if known), extracurricular activities in school and out of school... well as parent income, savings and other financial considerations that go into a college’s determination of how they award merit and need-based financial aid.  

The Report  offers strategic and objective insight into how your student “stacks up” to his or her competition across the multiple (up to 20-25 factors) that admissions officers evaluate...

...even the "closely-guarded," rarely discussed in public, non-politically correct ones!

Finally, it contains specific advice to address any deficiencies or opportunities to optimize how your child is positioned for college admissions, so can address them NOW, while you still have the luxury of time. 


WARNING:  Not for the thin-skinned or delusional

 I hate to say it, but SOME parents have an inflated, borderline irrational opinion of how their kids compare to others. 

You don't know anyone like that, right? :)

The CAP Report is blunt.  Objective.  Not based on emotion or feeling.  

It's for families who want actionable strategies based on REALITY, derived from 20+ years experience guiding students one-on-one into Harvard, Yale, Princeton, MIT, Duke, Notre Dame, Michigan, Northeastern and scores of other competitive colleges.

It's NOT for anyone who wants to hear, "Yes, I know Reginald has a 91 average and a 1130 SAT, but he's got a good shot at Penn if he writes a clever essay!"

If you want smoke blown up your patootie, you should NOT sign up for the CAP Report.


Here's what happens after you say "Yes" to the Competitive Analysis and Positioning Report

After you enroll, this is how it works:

  • You provide academic and financial information for us to review at least 48 hours before your meeting (you’ll get a list of items after you enroll).
  • You (parents and student) meet with Andy Lockwood personally, for approximately 45 minutes, to go over the information, describe your goals and get all of your questions answered.  Andy will likely have many questions for you too. (Zoom or in-office)
  • A week or so after the meeting, Andy will deliver a brief, straightforward and actionable Competitive Analysis and Positioning Report with specific strategies and recommendations to help you accomplish your stated goals.  (Delivery time varies, please allow 7-10 days during "peak" periods of the academic calendar)

At that point, one of three things happen:

  1. You take the Report as a standalone document and use it to implement its strategies on your own, as a do-it-yourselfer, or some other way. The information in the Report alone will offer objective clarity on where you stand, and recommendations that, if implemented, will afford a unique competitive advantage to your student and your family.
  2. The Report serves as a guiding document for a college advising engagement with Lockwood College Prep to help you implement its strategies, and hold your child accountable throughout the process (Fee credited toward future programs, if you upgrade within 30 days and we mutually agree to work together).
  3. You decide that the Report was not helpful and we refund 100% of your money (and you can keep the Report anyway).

The investment for the Competitive Analysis and Positioning Report  is $749. Due to the one-on-one nature of this process, capacity is limited and we reserve the right to stop offering it at anytime, without notice.

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