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Pearl and Andy Lockwood are college admissions and funding advisors in Long Island, New York.  

Our office number is 516-882-5464 and email address is [email protected]

Our office address is 135 Glenwood Road, Glenwood Landing, New York 11547-0535

Our fax number is 516-908-4418

We offer college coaching and consulting in numerous areas, all under one roof:

  • college advisory - helping students optimize everything that goes into a college application such as courses, extracurricular activities, independent projects and more.  Students engage with Lockwood College Prep anywhere from 8th grade to the summer of 12th grade
  • financial aid consulting and forms preparation - completion of the FAFSA, CSS Profile and all required financial aid applications, identifying sources of merit aid, tax-advantaged strategies for high income business owners, assistance negotiating awards
  • career and majors planning - help identifying how each student is wired, and what that could translate into in terms of careers (and majors) that are fulfilling and afford the student a means to make a living
  • test prep - tutoring and small group classes for the SAT and ACT
  • student loan relief - advice re:  income based repayment plans, federal consolidation programs and other debt, including graduate school loans, undergraduate loans and Parent Plus Loans


Some fun facts about Pearl and Whatsisface:

  • Pearl was recently promoted to CSO (Chief Snack Officer) after we opened our tutoring center
  • Pearl and Andy met on the first day of law school.  (Awwww!)
  • They have four kids and two dogs.  The Lockwood kids' college educations span from community colleges to Ivy League (if you must know.  People seem to care about this...)
  • They publish a podcast, The College Planning Edge, which apparently was named one of the top 10 college planning podcast (on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and probably a few other places)
  • Andy is the author of five books on various aspects of college planning (all on Amazon)
  • Their consulting, products and philosophy are NOT right for everyone - for them, college is about the 40 years after college, not merely the four
  • If you're an uptight, mom or dad with pursed lips and a severe case of constipation because you take yourself too seriously, you will not like us, because Pearl and Andy view their job as REDUCING stress for kids and parents, not inflaming it
  • They believe that there is life beyond "Rear Window Sticker" colleges
  • Pearl is a huge Broadway fan, moved out to LA to sing in a band after college (Cornell) and currently goes to sleep at approximately 8:37pm, somewhere in the house
  • Andy "played" (slight artistic license) basketball at Wesleyan University 

Andy personally coaches a select group of college-bound teens through the process of choosing majors and careers, then backward planning, strategically, into a college list, THEN strategizing how to maximize chances of admission.  He also helps families improve their eligibility for financial and and scholarships, and negotiate with colleges for more money.  He graduated Wesleyan University and St John's Law School..

Pearl handles the entire process of filing the FAFSA, CSS Profile and other financial aid forms, responding to incessant, annoying requests from college financial aid offices and related matters.  She is an alumna of Cornell University and St John's Law School.  In her former life, Pearl served as an assistant district attorney in Queens County, New York. 

More information is available by calling the office, 516.882.5464 or visiting


Tutoring and Small Group Classes


Marissa Uneberg, Esq. - Head Tutor, Lockwood Test Prep

Marissa has more than 20 years' experience tutoring and teaching classes for the SAT and ACT, as well as graduate school exams.  See for more information about her availability and programs.

College Advisors

Jeff Knapp - College Advisor

As a former college athlete and the father of a professional athlete, Jeff has direct experience understanding the challenges of high school student-athletes and college coaches and has consulted to student-athletes and their parents, helping them more effectively manage the college recruitment, application & selection process. Jeff has a BA in Psychology from Yale University and an MBA in Management from New York University. For more than 20 years, he interviewed high school student candidates for admission to Yale University.

Beth Pickett - College Advisor

Beth has been an independent college admissions consultant since 2007. From 2008 to 2010, Beth produced and hosted the Countdown to College Radio Show, a live interview-based program that aired on WNSH in the Boston area.

Beth’s clients and essay students have earned admission to Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Brown, Caltech, UCLA, and many other competitive colleges and universities across the U.S.

As a student at Stanford, Beth studied human and marine biology and graduated in the top 10% of her class.   She earned her Certificate in College Counseling from UCLA in 2007.

Tessa Palter - College Advisor/College Essay Advisor

Tessa Palter worked as a writing tutor at the Yale University Poorvu Center for Teaching and Learning for three years and helped Yale students apply to graduate school. She now works with college-bound students with essay editing, college applications, and test prep. At Yale, Tessa completed the creative writing concentration with a focus in nonfiction and personal essays. She graduated summa cum laude, holds a bachelor’s degree in English and scored a perfect 2400 on her SAT in high school.

Nick Marter - College Advisor/ College Essay Advisor

Nick currently serves as Associate Director of Admissions at a New York metro area college and has more than seven years experience in collegiate admissions.  He helps Lockwood College Prep students with essays and the overall college process as a "side hustle."  

Sarah Hae-In Idzik - College Essay Advisor

Sarah served as an admissions officer at the University of Chicago for five years, where she reviewed approximately 5,000 applications.  She holds a PhD from the Northwestern University School of Public Communication and an M.A from Carnegie Mellon University, and has worked with Lockwood College Prep's students since 2016.

Stav Bejerano - College Essay Advisor

Stav holds a bachelor's degree in Philosophy and Environmental Studies from Princeton University (summa cum laude; Phi Beta Kappa), where he worked as a Learning Consultant at the McGraw Center for Teaching & Learning. He spent a year living in India, teaching Political Science at a local high school, Nowadays, Stav enjoys working with students on their college essays, test prep, and overall advising.


Tax Planning

Rick Darvis, CPA - High Income Business Owner Planning Specialist

Rick is the leading expert in the country in tax and college financial planning. Rick’s knowledge in taxes and college financial planning has earned him invitations to speak on college financial planning and income tax planning to his contemporaries at CPA and CFP® conferences in over 40 states.

He has provided education programs on tax and college planning for many financial service companies around the country, including Manulife, MFS, American Skandia, Franklin Templeton, Eastern Bank, US Bank, Linsco Private Ledger, Securities America, Genworth, Lincoln Financial, UBS, Wachovia, Smith Barney, John Hancock Financial Network, Legg Mason, Edward Jones, and Raymond James.

Rick has been quoted in Forbes, CNN-FN, Newsweek, U.S. News and World Report, Money, Business Week, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, NY Times, Smart Money, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg’s Personal Finance, Nation’s Business, Financial Advisor, Dow Jones NewswireOn Investing, Knight Ridder News, Mutual Fund Market News, Research MagazinePractical Accountant, Offspring, LIMRA’s Market Facts, NAPFA Advisor, and AICPA’s Planner.


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