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Pearl and Andy Lockwood are college admissions and funding advisors in Long Island, New York and are the entrepreneurs - nay, GENIUSES! - behind Lockwood College Prep, which helps you achieve college success - for less!

Our office number is 516-882-5464 and email address is [email protected]

Our office address is 135 Glenwood Road, Glenwood Landing, New York 11547-0535

Our fax number is 516-908-4418

Some fun, braggy and other facts about Pearl and Whatsisface:

  • Pearl was recently promoted to CSO (Chief Snack Officer) after we opened our tutoring center
  • Pearl and Andy met on the first day of law school.  (Awwww!)
  • They have four kids and two dogs
  • You can catch them live, weekly, on Facebook, each Tuesday:
  • Andy is the author of three best-selling books, How to Pay "Wholesale" For College The Incomparable Applicant, and College Essay Insider Secrets - each makes great holiday gift ideas, incidentally)
  • Their consulting, products and philosophy are NOT right for everyone - for them, college is about the 40 years after college, not merely the four
  • If you're an uptight, mom or dad with pursed lips and a severe case of constipation because you take yourself too seriously, you will not like us, because Pearl and Andy view their job as REDUCING stress for kids and parents, not inflaming it
  • They believe that there is life beyond "Rear Window Sticker" colleges
  • Pearl is a huge Broadway fan, moved out to LA to sing in a band after college (Cornell) and currently goes to sleep at approximately 8:37pm, somewhere in the house
  • Andy "played" (slight artistic license) basketball at Wesleyan University 

Andy coaches a select group of college-bound teens through the process of choosing majors and careers, then backward planning, strategically, into a college list, THEN strategizing how to maximize chances of admission.  He also helps families improve their eligibility for financial and and scholarships, and negotiate with colleges for more money.

Pearl handles the entire process of filing the FAFSA, CSS Profile and other financial aid forms, responding to incessant, annoying requests from college financial aid offices and related matters.

More information is available by calling the office, 516.882.5464 or visiting



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