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How to Get Into College Today

#acceptance rate Apr 28, 2023

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Have you seen how ridiculously hard it is to get into college today?

Harvard reportedly admitted 3.4% of its applicants.  Penn:  6%.  Cornell:  9%.  Northeastern, 6.7%

Yes, Northeastern.  I admit that I, despite 20+ years of college advisor experience, have a hard time swallowing that one.  Back in the day when I was a high school senior, Northeastern was where kids went who couldn't otherwise get into college. 

I know how snobby that sounds, but in 1986 the admit rate was NINETY-FREAKING PERCENT.

Stats and history aside, what does all of this mean if you have an 11th grader (Class of 2024) kiddo?

It means you better be on your game.  Not only in terms of your application and essays, but more important, your college list.

Do not fall prey to the impulse to apply only to Rear Window Sticker Colleges, even if they are highly ranked, feature top football...

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