How To Successfully Negotiate and Appeal A Lousy, Stinkin' Merit or Financial Aid Offer

Discover the strategies and tactics a mild-mannered college planner used to improve a Glen Head woman's offer of "Zilch" from $25,000 - PER YEAR, an Oyster Bay man's award from U.S.C. by a whopping $30,022 - PER YEAR, a Dallas, Texas family's award by $13,100 (per year) and many, many more!

This "Master Class"will show you, paint-by-numbers style, how to effortlessly negotiate your merit or need-based financial aid award so that you can make the UNaffordable college AFFORDABLE!




Andrew Lockwood, J.D., best-selling author of How to Negotiate Your Crappy Financial Aid and Merit Aid Offer

Here's What You Get When You Enroll

On Demand Webinar

Learn what to say and whom to say it to...our class covers ALL effective arguments, how to present them & how to maximize chances of success!

Tools You Can Use

Actual sample letters that worked!  Use our templated letters to quickly and easily craft your appeal letter - avoid "Appeal Letter Writer's Block!"

Personalized "Audit" and Review of Your Appeal

We will analyze your draft appeal letter and supporting documentation BEFORE you submit it, and suggest strategies, specific wording and anything else to "punch it up". (Allow 48-72 business hour turnaround)

Colleges Are Businesses - They Negotiate!

Why You Shouldn't Expect A Great Offer

Because colleges want your money, it's brain-dead logical that you will NOT always get their "highest and best" offer, notwithstanding empty promises and assurances on their websites about making college affordable for everyone and other baloney!

Can't the financial aid office help you?

Um...yeah. Let's think this one through.

Asking an employee of a business, "Hey, pal, how can I get more money from your boss?" may not result in the helpful information you want. (Would you call the IRS to ask about any new "hot" deductions this year?)

I'm sure you'll agree that giving out this info wouldn't be the best career move for the financial aid officer!

Look, you can get what you want, and need...

...if you learn how to play "The Game!"

Learn To Beat The Overpriced, Rip-Off Colleges At Their Own Game

After going through our materials, you will discover:

1. Exactly how to craft your best possible argument why you deserve to have your financial aid or scholarship award reevaluated.

2. Precisely whom to speak with (hint: it's not "To Whom It May Concern), how and when.

3. The exact words to write and say, using actual sample letters that worked for you to model...AND, what NOT to say!

4. How to decode an overly confusing and complicated financial aid offer so you can negotiate with confidence and stack the odds in your favor.

5. How to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, so you can easily and comfortably afford your child's "Dream College" instead of having to tell them, "Sorry, we just can't swing it."

Enroll before deadline and you will receive the following, valuable bonuses worth a cool $224:

1. Simple, easy and straightforward financial aid award tracking spreadsheet. Financial aid awards are confusing and far from uniform - use this too get an accurate lay of the land and negotiate from a position of strength Value: $27

2. Sample letters of appeal across different categories, including Loss Of Income, Business Owner, Separated/Divorced, Offers From Other Colleges and more! Huge time savings to you, avoid "College Appeal Letter Writer's Block!" Value: $197

This training could be worth $5,000, $10,000 or more...PER YEAR

Our private college advising clients receive the same advice for a minimum of $3,500-$20,000...but your tuition isn't anywhere near that. When you enroll today, you'll investment is much, much less. so there's no reason not to jump in!


We cannot guarantee results because that is unethical and against the canons of major associations in college advising, which we subscribe to. There are numerous factors outside our control, including but not limited to: your colleges's budget, your student's standing relative to other admitted students, your financial situation, how you completed your financial aid applications, more.

Just One Piece of Advice Can Make the Unaffordable College, Suddenly AFFORDABLE

Although I've done my darndest to assemble the course materials (video and sample letters) in as user-friendly a manner as capable, the truth is that you need only one "nugget" to improve an offer by thousands, or perhaps tens of thousands, of dollars.

I'm genuinely excited for you to dig into the course materials, because I believe the pandemic has created perhaps the greatest opportunity ever to negotiate with colleges, who are scrambling around like never before, competing with EACH OTHER, for your student's enrollment!

But if you have any questions at all about the program, email me directly at [email protected]

-Andy Lockwood