Admissions officers will spend 3-7 MINUTES reviewing your child's college application – if you don’t have a clue about how to make your child "stand out" from the 30,000-90,000 applications they’ll receive, this invitation is for you…

Could This Be The Toughest College Admissions Year in Modern Times?

Results for the Class of 2022's college applicants were, in a nutshell, a BLOODBATH. Chances are, things will be equally tough -- or possibly worse -- for the next crop of applicants, the Class of 2023...

Who Else Wants to Avoid "Admissions Armageddon?"

The world is upside down for current seniors as I write this in the Spring of 2022.  

Deferrals, wait lists and rejections have CRUSHED top students’ dreams...

...even at their “Safety Schools!”

Admission rates at Ivy League colleges and other competitive colleges have PLUMMETED into the single digits (Boston College: supposedly 5% at the time of writing!), due largely to i. the return of the international student;  and ii. test-optional policies, which created a tsunami of applications that flooded colleges in unprecedented numbers:

Common Application volume in February 2022 was up 10% compared to 2021...

...and 2021 was itself a 10% increase over the previous year!

When you factor changing institutional goals, embraced by admissions directors to reflect current political headwinds, you can clearly see what caused shock, disbelief and heartbreak from coast to coast this year...

And that's just the moms!

It's bad for kids too. Really bad. 

Especially for the deserving ones who worked their tails off throughout high school but lost out to "lesser qualified" candidates!

If you have a Class of 2023 student who's getting ready to apply to college, you should be asking yourself... 

Will Your Child Get Picked Out of the Crowd Because They Submitted an Impeccable Application and Essays that "Sell"...Or Will They Risk Losing Out to Someone Who Did?

Today, more than ever, great grades and a high SAT or ACT aren't nearly enough. 

This is NOT the year to be complacent. You can't just lazily sit back, relax and assume that you'll get in where you "deserve" to be admitted.  Even if your guidance counselor says that you can.

It's critically important for college applicants to put in the EXTRA work to stand out, so that they GET IN.

Here's a dirty little secret about college admissions officers:  they spend scant MINUTES scanning applications.  At elite Ivy and Ivy Plus colleges, admissions officers devote, on average, six minutes to review an entire application!  That means transcripts, test scores, teacher recommendations, extracurricular activities, essays and more.  That's it!

They read approximately 1,000 applications per year, and their eyes glaze over after a while.  They're human beings, after all.  That means...

Your application must "pop" from the get-go if you want a shot at getting into a top college!

It's not just the Ivies and the rest of the top 30 colleges, by the way.  Last week, I met a buddy, Nick, at a local cigar bar.  He's a director of admissions at a NYC metro area college.   And he was EXHAUSTED.

Nick told me he read 2,400 apps last year!  He averaged three-four minutes per, best guess. 

Here's what this means for you and your aspiring college applicant...

Your kiddo has an EXTREMELY small window of opportunity to demonstrate  "THIS is why you should admit me over my other 50,000 competitors!"

Tonight, if you asked your child  to answer the question, "Why should a college accept YOU?", how would they respond?

Most kids have no clue, if they're being honest. 

Or they come up with a non-answer that sounds like something they think admissions officers want to hear, but could pertain to almost every college applicant!

I bet you can guess what I mean:

"I have great grades."  

I'm an extremely "hard worker." 

And "passionate," of course.

Oh, OK:   “Get me the hard working, passionate kid with great grades!” said no admissions officer, ever.

While I’m on this mini-rant, here’s a fun fact:

Apparently, not ONE of the 3 Million students applying to college every year is a follower! 

EVERYONE applying to college is a "leader."   They're all in charge and take initiative!  

I'm being facetious, but you get the point.. 

Most kids have NO freaking idea what it takes to get into a top school today...

...or how to capture an admissions officer's attention and PERSUADE them why they should be admitted to the school of their dreams!

That goes double for parents, who are even more in the dark than their kids. 

They think things are "the same as when they applied" (even though they hand wrote their essays).  You know, back in ancient times, when Northeastern and U Miami accepted 90% of applicants if they could write a check and fog a mirror.

Now, Northeastern receives 90,000 applications and has achieved elite status.  Miami isn't that far off, either.

It's a whole new world. The college process today is unrecognizable, overcomplicated and extremely confusing and stressful.  But that's exactly why we're offering...

Our 7th Annual College Bootcamp

THE Place For Overwhelmed Parents to Send Their Kids to Get Their College Applications and Essays Buttoned Up and Out The Door!

Nauseated at the inevitable prospect of screaming at your child all summer (and fall, realistically) about doing those d-mn college applications? Don't worry: "Your Kid Is OUR Project, Now!" Here are the main areas covered in the Bootcamp...

Applications and Essays

Expert "insider" instruction at what should go into each and every essay so that it "Sells” -- and, equally important -- what to leave out!  (Hint:  think twice about that Coronavirus essay!)


"Positioning" is a term used by marketers of products and services to get you to buy. We use the same philosophy to help our bootcampers answer the question, "Why should we take YOU compared to tens of thousands of competitors with the same grades and test scores?" 


WE are the drill sergeant. Not you.  We help bootcampers create a schedule and structure of what needs to be done, when.  Your child will know exactly what tasks they must complete so they don't blow any key deadlines or opportunities


Your FAFSA, CSS Profile and other financial aid applications prepared and filed for you...so you don't screw up and rob yourself of aid you should have gotten otherwise!  FREE...if you enroll before deadline!

This summer, we can help your child become an "Incomparable Applicant" in the fall. Here's how....

Live Instruction

10 group coaching calls led by Andy Lockwood and a real live college admissions officer!  All coaching calls take place weeknights between June and October and will be recorded if you can't make it live.  We will provide the schedule of workshops by June 15.



On Demand Training

Supplement your live instruction with immediate on-demand access to our "Incomparable Applicant Master Class," a series of videos and expert, "insider" advice about the essays and applications from former admissions officers from U Chicago and other elite institutions.  (Not the same old, same old you'd get from an English teacher or tutor with zero experience in college admissions.)

A Winning Gameplan

Key timelines, milestones and accountability so you never blow a deadline or wonder "What should I be doing now?", because we'll help you stay on top of EVERYTHING...you'll always know EXACTLY when everything is due.

Completely candid photo from summer of 2019.  Not forced.

About Your Instructor

Andrew Lockwood, J.D. is the best selling author of several books, including College Essay Insider Secrets and How to Get Into Your Dream College Without Lying Bribing or Photoshopping and, along with his wife Pearl Lockwood, co-founder of Lockwood College Prep.  Each year he personally mentors select students who gain admission to colleges such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, Brown, Dartmouth, Cornell, Duke, Notre Dame, MIT and numerous other elite and competitive institutions of higher education.

More details...

Here's what you get when you say YES to our program...

  • All the support your kiddo needs to get his/her college applications D-O-N-E over the summer, before school starts in the fall
  • 10 live, interactive group coaching sessions  from Andy Lockwood and an actual, real life college admissions officer, June-October (recorded if you can't make it live)
  • (This means you don't have to scream or threaten your child all summer!  Your kid = Our project!)
  • Structure and ACCOUNTABILITY:  Timeline of what needs to be done and when so nothing slips through the cracks and you and your child are not blindsided at the last minute by "hidden" deadlines that you should have known about!
  • Monthly supplemental Office Hours to drop in, ask your questions (these are offered in addition to the live workshops)
  • Brainstorming and one round of edits for the 1. the Common Application essay and 2. up to three supplemental essays (must be submitted to us before October 1)
  • Pre-recorded INSIDER instructional content, including interviews with former admissions officers, sample essays to model (NOT plagiarize!)  so that you can immediately jump right in, or review at your convenience
  • How to stand out in a “Sea of Sameness” from 50,000 competitor applicants with the same grades and same test scores,  and create an application so powerful that admissions officers will (practically) crawl naked over broken glass to admit your student
  • Confidence and peace of mind that you've done EVERYTHING possible to optimize your college application and avoid fatal mistakes that can automatically throw an application into the Reject Pile
  • How to choose colleges strategically, not based entirely on “Rear Window Sticker” or rank
  • How to visit colleges (yes, this is happening now)  - including the two key areas that you’ll never hear about in an “info-session” (sales pitch) or tour (sales pitch) 
  • A ninja way to ACE the college interview, by turning the tables on the interviewer 
  • How to find overlooked “gem” colleges that will give your child a great education at a great price
  • Waitlist strategies (huge this year - perhaps bigger next year!)
  • BONUS: How to qualify for five figure merit scholarships even if your child didn’t crush the SAT/ACT or cure an epidemic over the summer
  • BONUS:  Access to proprietary College Guru Software to help you create a balanced, strategic list and identify merit aid opportunities (far more powerful than Naviance because it lacks its inherent, misleading design flaws)
  • BONUS:  30 minute Fast Start Call to make sure you get everything you can out of the Bootcamp and answer your questions
  • JUST ADDED, "EARLY ACTION" BONUS:  Your FAFSA and all other financial aid applications prepared ACCURATELY and ON-TIME, so you don't lose out on college money you otherwise deserved!  Value:  $3,500.
  •  More! 

Whoa Nelly! Before you pull the trigger and enroll...

Let me be blunt...

The Bootcamp program is a series of WORKshops.

Bootcampers will BRAINSTORM, DRAFT AND REDRAFT their Common Application and essays until their eyeballs bleed!

Just kidding about the eyeball stuff, but do NOT enroll if your child is just going to sit there like a lump, unwilling to roll up their sleeves and take care of business, because...

Tuition is NON-refundable

Your enrollment represents a spot that could go to another student.  Do not enroll unless your child is committed to getting things done!  

Call or email us with any questions BEFORE you enroll:  516-882-5464 or [email protected]

The Investment

There's a former Ivy League admissions lady who gets $16,000 for a week-long bootcamp.

Clients pay $12,000 to work with Lockwood College Prep, and $20,000 and up to work privately with Andy Lockwood.  They fork over these amounts unblinkingly because of the RESULTS they achieve - admission to the top colleges in the country, not to mention generous merit scholarships.

But obviously, these amounts aren't within reach of most families, and I wanted  to create a budget-friendly way for you to receive similar guidance.

Tuition for the Bootcamp is nowhere near $20,000.  Or  $12,000.

It's not even half of 12,000 if you sign up before deadline!

The best deal is the 1-pay option, but you can also spread out your tuition in 5 easy, monthly payments.  Pick the option that works best for you!

(Seats are first-come, first-served, price increases June 1 if we still have capacity.  We've sold out every year.)

1-Pay (Best Deall) EZ Payment Plan

Gee, it almost looks like they're having fun!  Of course they're not.  But they're getting sh*t D-O-N-E! 

The Final Countdown

Time flies - before you know it, summer will end and school will start up again. Then, November 1 and other application deadlines will be here...also before you know it!

Our Bootcamp will be your child's LAST CHANCE to focus on college applications before they get back to school and wrapped up in regular classwork, clubs, sports, extra-curricular activities, socializing, etc.  If you thought they were distracted over the summer, just wait...

It's much better for you, your relationship with your son or daughter and everyone if you take care of this now! 

Or you could stretch things out until Thanksgiving, or longer.  Yuck!

Enroll today and you'll get your kid away from Snapchat, Instagram, the Dreaded Tik Tok and other distractions...

...You'll say "buh-bye" to them, maybe actually relax for a few hours (crazy idea!)...and by the end of the summer they should have completed their applications, Common Application essay and up to three supplemental essays.

And the best part...

Without doubling your anxiety meds, skyrocketing your blood pressure or even breaking a sweat!


Yes, Andy!  I'm in! I want to secure a spot!

1-Pay (Best Deal) 5 Easy Payments

Client Successes

I needed help with my essays and I knew my English teacher would be useless. Thank you!

Julia Petrini, admitted to Brown, Penn

Hi Andy, I just wanted to let you know that I was admitted to Stanford REA yesterday.  Thanks to you and the rest of the team for all the help so far!

Kevin Martin, admitted to Stanford, Princeton, Brown

...the Cornell admissions person said that this was an incredibly competitive year and their applications really stood out!  Guess who made all this possible? We are so grateful to you!

Julie Pareles, twin boys admitted to Cornell

I know a lot of college planners who promise results but don't deliver.  In your case,  I got real results. Other parents thank me for recommending you.

Dr. Dennis O'Hara, Superintendent, Islip School District

Thank you for your help with everything, especially the applications and essays!

Victorian Jakobsen, admitted to Vassar


We used Andy for the applications and essays. The whole thing was overwhelming, don't try this on your own!  

We will be back with our younger daughter.

- Joe Iannone

Owner, Avellino's Pizzeria Garden City, NY

Sorry for the late text but it's Ivy Day!  Looks like Jared is choosing from Brown, Cornell, Dartmouth and Amherst! It's a good day!

Patty Schwartz, Wantagh, New York

From the moment I walked into your office, I felt an enormous weight lifted off my shoulders.

Thank you for all that you have done for my precious girls.

Beth Sova, Scottsdale, Arizona


The Duke admissions officer said it was the best application she read.

Sophie R, Duke University, Class of 2023

Imagine...Not fighting or harassing your child all summer

Impossible Dream? No! This can be your REALITY! Sign up now, and picture how great you'll feel when your child tells you, "I'm done!"...and you didn't have to SCREAM, THREATEN OR EVEN LIFT A FINGER!!! (Limited to 18 students. Contact office for wait list if enrollment button doesn't work: 516.882.5464)

Or make 5 budget-friendly, monthly payments

Frequently Asked Questions/Answers

When are the bootcamp sessions?  We will conduct 10 live group coaching workshops over the summer, end of June to the beginning of October, weeknights. We will finalize and distribute the schedule by June 15.  Recordings available if you can't make it live. We will also have supplemental Office Hours throughout the summer for kids to drop in, ask questions, get feedback.

PLUS, when you enroll you get instant access to our online "Incomparable Applicant Master Class," consisting of on-demand college essays and applications advice straight from former college admissions officers...PLUS PLUS a live, "Fast Start" online class that takes place after June 15 (after most kids finish with APs, finals, etc.)

Where is the bootcamp?  The group instruction (2x per month, June-September) is online, and the office hours (1-2x per month, June-September) are in the office and online.  You’ll get a meeting link before each session.

How long is the bootcamp? Block out an hour for each session, but they could go a little longer, or possibly shorter.  (Recordings available)

How is the Bootcamp different from your other programs?  The Get College Ready Bootcamp is a focused summer group coaching program that "fast tracks" the college application process. 

In contrast to our comprehensive, individualized college advisory program, the Bootcamp provides limited essay editing (one round of comments on the Common Application essay and up to three supplemental essays if submitted to us by October 1). If you need more editing we can work out a package, if our editors have capacity.

College Advisory clients receive unlimited help with essays and personalized, 1:1 coaching, it's not a group program..

Finally, unlike our comprehensive college advisory program, the Bootcamp does NOT include financial aid consulting or preparation of the FAFSA and other forms or career counseling.

College advisory program fees for 11th graders start at $12,000, if we have availability.  If interested, email [email protected]).

What should my child bring to the bootcamp?  We're online, so nothing.  If he or she has an outline or even a draft of the essay that would be a great start, but not necessary.

Can parents come to the bootcamp?  No way (are you serious?)!  

Will you write my kid's essay for him?  Stop it.  

My kid has no idea what to write about for his college essay, is this a waste of money?  That's probably the BEST reason to sign up

Our high school offers a bootcamp.  What's the difference between that and yours? My educated guess is that you won't get instruction or feedback from real life admissions officers at your high school session, which is typically run by English teachers who are basically GUESSING what good essays look like.  Plus the scope of our instruction is probably five times the content provided by the school, and our program runs from the end of June to the beginning of October.  Most high school bootcamps last one week.

My kid isn't motivated to do the work at the bootcamp, can I dump him on you?  Please DON'T.  Kids need to come with a good attitude, we're running a small, collegial group.  One bad apple can run the bunch.  This is not the place for whiners or slackers, we are doing WORK.

Do you prorate the Bootcamp if we miss part of it?  No, but we will have recordings of each session to help you catch up.

What is your refund policy?  Our refund policy is that. after June 15,  there are NO REFUNDS, because this is a small group class and the spot you take represents a seat that could have been sold to another family.  

If your child spends each session playing video games or otherwise blowing off the advice, instruction and homework, that’s unfortunate, but it’s a “you problem.”  Not ours. We're coaches, but we can't "cut" any students.   We can only lead them to water but cannot make them drink.

Again, please don’t sign him or her up if they’re not going to roll up their sleeves and get them fingers a clickin’ and a clackin’!!!

Note:  If a genuine last minute emergency comes up that prevents participation we MAY, in our discretion, decide to partially credit you, but you will have to pass our patented BS Detector test. 

If you have doubts about your child's level of commitment, you should probably take a pass on this offer.  If you'd like to set up a call or meeting with you and your child, enroll first, then email or call us to set up the interview.

If in our opinion your child is not going to be a good fit (and it's not yet June 15) we will promptly and cheerfully return every last dollar of your tuition, because it will prevent you from wasting money and us from wasting time on an "uncoachable" student.

Another forced photo of kids being tortured in the summer of 2017.   Feel the awkwardness!

YES, Andy! I want my kid's applications D-O-N-E! You take care of everything!

Or make 5 budget-friendly, monthly payments

More Client Reviews



If you have any questions or need clarification, email or call [email protected] / 516.882.5464 and either I or someone on my team will get back to you as quickly as possible!  Otherwise, sign up today while we still have room!

See you on the inside!

OK Andy, I'm in! I want my kid's applications D-O-N-E and I don't want to lift a finger!

Or make 5 budget-friendly, monthly payments


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