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The College Planning Edge

The College Planning Edge

Hosted by: Pearl and Andy Lockwood

College planning tips , strategies and various & sundry, not necessarily politically-correct thoughts on the whole college application and scholarships kit and kaboodle. Brought to you by Pearl and Andy Lockwood,...

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What to Do When the Financial Aid Office Gets it WRONG!

Originally an episode of College Coffee Talk (Mondays 9am EST,, college consultants Pearl and Andy Lockwood discuss: -What's happening with financial aid for Class of 2022...
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How to Pay For College: FAFSA, CSS Profile

Good eeeeeeve-a-ning...... Are you starring in your own horror movie? If the thought of paying for college makes you feel like you're "starring in your own horror movie".. ...You know, where everyone in the theater...
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Don’t Let Colleges Rob You Blind! Financial Aid Tips

FREE Guide at 👉 - How financial aid works and how to get enough so that you can pay for college comfortably without cutting back on your lifestyle or casting a college debt...
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College Admissions Results

In this Episode: College advisor Andy Lockwood shares his thoughts on admissions results for the class of 2022 and what they mean for the class of 2023 and beyond! More info at
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Here’s What You Should Be Doing In October

Eavesdrop on college advisor Andy Lockwood advise his private clients in a monthly, private webinar about what class of 2023, 2024 and younger kids need to know about: *Looming Early Decision and Early Action...
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The Inconvenient Truth About Scholarships

College advisor Andy Lockwood interviews scholarship search expert Jean O'Toole on little known strategies -- and pitfalls -- relating to the search for scholarships for college.  Topics include:   The...
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10 College Admissions and Financial Aid Results Mistakes to Avoid (2022)

In Today's Episode:   College advisor summarizes 10 self-imposed obstacles that causes families with college-bound teens to fail to get in where they want, and to fail at financial aid and scholarships. USEFUL...
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The "Secret" Deadline for FAFSA and CSS Profile (2022)

In Today's Episode: Learn the insider secret deadline for FAFSA college financial aid applications. Each year, thousands of financial aid applicants blow the deadlines for the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal...
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3 Deadly Federal Student Aid Mistakes To Avoid (2022)

In This Episode: 00:00 - Introduction 00:22 - Mistake #1 02:48 - Mistake #2 05:04 - Mistake #3  07:21 - Conclusion USEFUL RESOURCES: ▸ ▸
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FAFSA Application NEWS - What You MUST Know!

In This Episode: 00:00 - Introduction 00:32 - What is a FAFSA? 07:52 - Conclusion   USEFUL RESOURCES: ▸ ▸
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The TRUTH About the Student Loan Forgiveness Proposal (2022)

In This Episode: A look at college loan (Direct and PLUS loans) how to AVOID student debt and get your hands on grants and scholarships via the FAFSA, CSS Profile and other sources of college...
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What happens when you can't qualify for student loans or parent loans?

College advisors Pearl and Andy Lockwood chat about the Parent (PLUS) loan, how to qualify, what happens if you're unable to be approved, more. See for more information.
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