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The College Planning Edge

The College Planning Edge

Hosted by: Pearl and Andy Lockwood

College planning tips , strategies and various & sundry, not necessarily politically-correct thoughts on the whole college application and scholarships kit and kaboodle. Brought to you by Pearl and Andy Lockwood,...

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A Few Financial Aid and Essay Faux Pas

Originally broadcast on College Coffee Talk, 7-15-24 (Mondays 10am EST, College consultants Pearl and Andy Lockwood discuss a handful of mistakes to avoid in the financial aid and...
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Deep Thoughts Re: Summer Applications and Essays

Originally broadcast on College Coffee Talk (Mondays, 10am EST, College advisors Pearl andy Andy Lockwood yak about the applications and essays, including mistakes to avoid, when to...
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How to Ruin a Financial Aid Appeal

From College Coffee Talk (Mondays 10am EST, College advisors Pearl and Andy Lockwood discuss: *How to ruin a financial aid appeal * "Secret" skills not taught in college (that should...
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College Essay Mistakes, Magical Thinking

Originally aired on College Coffee Talk (Mondays 10am EST, college advisors Pearl and Andy Lockwood discuss common application essay mistakes, and the problem with magical thinking....
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More FAFSA Glitches, Child Behavior We'd Like to Change

Originally broadcast on College Coffee Talk, June 3 ( Pearl and Andy Lockwood discuss even more annoying and frustrating FAFSA problems. Plus, child behavior we'd like to change.
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The Death of Test-Optional?

College Coffee Talk, April 24, 2024. (Live 10am EST, Another blow to test-optional, the latest on student loan "forgiveness" developments. See for more...
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Harvard: Safety School?

4/1/24 episode of College Coffee Talk (Mondays 10am EST The FAFSApocalypse - signs of relief? Harvard - Safety School? The first 100K per year college (not a sick April Fool's joke)...
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New: Financial Aid "Secrets" for Families Who Think They Can't Qualify

Originally a live webinar on 3/20/24, college consultants Pearl and Andy Lockwood revealed how to comfortably afford college -- without cutting back on your lifestyle or racking up tens of thousands in high rate, high...
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How to Beat the Leprechauns in the Financial Aid Office

College Coffee Talk (originally aired 3/18/24 - Mondays 10am EST on A financial aid "hack" to beat the leprechauns in the financial aid office, another college pulls the plug on...
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Live Workshop at the Manhasset (NY) Library

Recording of Andy Lockwood's presentation to an intimate group of parents (including one with a First and Third Grader) in March 2024. Lockwood fielded a variety of questions, including: *How many times should you...
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Can My Kid Get Into Harvard?

From the Virtual Mailbag: Can your kid get into Harvard? Probably not. Well, maybe (although their published rate is currently in the 3% range, yikes!) We’ve helped a couple dozen kids get into Harvard over the years,...
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Post Mortem: The First Digital SAT

College Coffee Talk 3-11-24 (broadcast live on Feedback on the first digital SAT in the US What do do if your FAFSA info doesn't tell the whole truth Bombshell reasons for the FAFSA...
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