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The College Planning Edge

The College Planning Edge

Hosted by: Pearl and Andy Lockwood

College planning tips , strategies and various & sundry, not necessarily politically-correct thoughts on the whole college application and scholarships kit and kaboodle. Brought to you by Pearl and Andy Lockwood,...

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College “Burning” Questions

College advisor, author and Netflix star (for 43 seconds) Andy Lockwood answers a TON of questions about paying for college, getting into college and more, live and unscripted, without a safety net! Questions...
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SAT and ACT “Open Mic”

This episode was originally a live, unscripted and off-the-cuff question and answer session, where college consultant Andy Lockwood harassed Lockwood Test Prep head tutor, Marissa Uneberg, Esq. with 25+ questions...
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How to Get Financial Aid and Merit Scholarships in Today's Turbulent Times

Tips and "loopholes" for any family to use (even if they think they can't qualify) comfortably afford any college without cutting back on their lifestyle, mortgage their homes or retirements up to the eyeballs or...
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What to do if you’re Verified

On this episode of the College Planning Edge, college advisors Pearl and Andy Lockwood discuss: Student lender hijinks that got their hands caught in the cookie jar... Social media profiles for kids...and parents: Do...
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FAFSA Changes!

Quick overview of changes to FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Financial Aid): When they take place What they mean for you New rules for divorced/separated/informally separated families New rules for...
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Pencils Down! SAT Changes

College advisor Andy Lockwood and head of tutoring at Lockwood Test Prep, Marissa Uneberg try to make sense of the latest big, BIG changes from the College Board re; subject tests and the writing section. For more...
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Making Sense of 2020's Early Decision/Early Action Results

In this episode, college advisors Pearl and Andy Lockwood try to make sense of Early Decision and Early Action results, plus changes in financial aid, more. To catch their live weekly show, College Talk Tuesday (10am...
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College Planning Edge - Missing the “Secret” Big Picture

College Talk Tuesday: College advisor Andy Lockwood shares how students and parents miss the "secret" BIG PICTURE in the college process. See ( for more...
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College Planning Edge - How to deal with "missing" financial aid info

College advisors Pearl and Andy Lockwood chat about what happens AFTER you file your FAFSA and other financial aid forms, especially when you're notified that you have "missing" information. Originally aired 11/24/20...
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College Planning Edge - Post Mortem!

College advisors Pearl and Andy Lockwood do a post-mortem on what went wrong this year with financial aid filings, November deadlines, more! More info at
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College Talk Tuesday – Should You Apply for Financial Aid?

College advisors Pearl and Andy Lockwood chat about whether you should indicate you want to be considered for need-based aid on the Common App, whether or not you should even bother filing if you don't think you'll...
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College Talk Tuesday: Financial aid mistakes and new admissions info

College Talk Tuesday is back - here's where to ask your financial aid and admissions "burning questions!"
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