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The College Planning Edge

The College Planning Edge

Hosted by: Pearl and Andy Lockwood

College planning tips , strategies and various & sundry, not necessarily politically-correct thoughts on the whole college application and scholarships kit and kaboodle. Brought to you by Pearl and Andy Lockwood,...

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College admissions and financial aid trends and predictions

In this episode, originally broadcasted on our Facebook page (, Mondays at 10:00am), Pearl and Andy wrap up the key takeaways from their industry conference in dirty, disgusting...
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Here’s what you should be doing now!

Each month we tell clients "Here's What You Should Be Doing Now," so that they never have to wonder about deadlines for applications, financial aid, when to visit colleges, more. I hope you take the advice to heart!...
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RIP Safety Schools?

College consultant Andy Lockwood shares admissions results from the Class of 2022 and what they mean for the Class of 2023 Links mentioned in this episode:
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When a College Advisor visits her own kid in college

College advisors Pearl and Andy Lockwood talk about Pearl's visit to Ann Arbor to see their kid. Andy gets all snarky and sarcastic about some of the people who go to UMICH. For more information visit...
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Admissions Results

College consultants Pearl and Andy Lockwood discuss this year's results for the Class of 2022 so far, and what they mean for families with Class of 2023 or younger kiddos headed to college! For more information on the...
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Andy’s Sweet 16 Predictions (by financial aid)

College advisors Pearl and Andy Lockwood take a look at the financial aid generosity of the colleges in the NCAA men's basketball tournament, issue a bold prediction about who will ultimately win this year and show...
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SAT changes, upcoming ACT and new “cram” courses

Today college advisors Pearl and Andy Lockwood brought in Lockwood Test Prep head tutor, Marissa Uneberg to chat about the pending SAT changes, the upcoming ACT and our new last minute "cram" courses. Also discussed:...
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College Board changes, Student Loan interest suspension, more

College advisors Pearl and Andy Lockwood chat about: *The annoying changes from the College Board and how it affects you and your CSS Profile *Student Loan interest suspension, how long it will last and will loans be...
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Don’t Let Colleges Rob You Blind

Description College consultant Andy Lockwood gives a brief tour of how financial aid works, including: *Need-based aid * Merit aid * "Tax Scholarships" for high income business owners The discussion included common...
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When the financial aid office gets it WRONG

Originally an episode of College Coffee Talk (Mondays 9am EST,, college consultants Pearl and Andy Lockwood discuss: -What's happening with financial aid for Class of 2022 seniors...
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The NEW SAT Changes and What They Mean For You

In this episode, college consultant Andy Lockwood of Lockwood College Prep interviews his head tutor, Marissa Uneberg about the College Board's announcement that they are changing the SAT! We covered: >When the...
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What happens if you don’t get into your “top choice”

Early Decision results are about to come out, but what happens if you don't get in? College advisory Andy Lockwood offers his take. See for more info.
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