How to Get Us Back "In Your Corner" for NEXT Year's FAFSA and All Other Annoying Complicated Financial Aid Applications

We'd love to be back on your team for next year's financial aid filings..and are offering you a WHOPPING 83.9% OFF "Early Action Scholarship" (discount) to BRIBE you to re-up!

New financial aid consulting clients are enrolling at $3.497...but YOU can get In for only $47/month (564 total)!!!

You made it!

Congratulations on completing this part of your college journey!  Your child is officially on the road to adulthood!  

The good news (depending on how you look at it) is that, instead of being done,  you're just starting in many ways...

...So what about next year's financial aid applications?

Most colleges require you to REFILE your FAFSA and CSS Profile each year to be considered for aid. (Their protocols vary, check with your college if you don't know.)

If you'd like us to continue to manage this process for the rest of the college years, this page describes the best way for you to have us ride along with you.

Here's what you get when you renew your forms prep membership with us

Peace of mind

You'll never have to worry about deadlines or missed opportunities with us in your corner.  Support is UNLIMITED.

The most you're entitled to

We'll prepare your forms accurately and on time, to ensure that you get every last dollar you a big "Thank You!" discount!

Free time to relax!

Let's face it, the FAFSA is a big time-sucking pain in the tush!  (And if you have other requirements, blechhh!!!) We'll take care of it all.

Get every last nickel you deserve from the cold bony hands of the financial aid office - quickly, easily and at a discount!

Pearl hand-selected YOU to receive this VIP "Early Action Scholarship" to re-up with us for next year

This page is about helping YOU, it's not about us.  

But I thought it would be fair to let you peek behind the curtain and explain a few things about us...and why we're inviting you to come back.

Pearl and I handle 200+ clients per year in one capacity or another.  We love our business, the value we're able to deliver and the families we're able to help.

Well, not EVERY family.

Each year, we prune out the folks who turned out to be a little too high-maintenance, ungrateful or otherwise "UN-FUN."

The reason why we do this, naturally, is because we have chosen not to spend our time away from our kids with "Time Vampires" - people that suck the lives out of us.  

Our "smell test" is that, if you're the type of guy/gal that we'd want to hang out with and grab a beer or adult beverage with, you'd be a great client - and we'll work our butts off for you!

It's a quality of life thing, and happens to be a big reason why we went into business for ourselves more than 16 years ago.

The Truth

The simple fact that you're reading this page means that we specifically want YOU to come back another year... much so that we're even offering you a sweet discount!

So you've got that going for you, which is nice! :)

Colleges Are "Bleeding Out"

There's a VERY strong argument that next year will be harder than this year to get money.

Coronavirus is wreaking havoc with colleges budgets, and, frankly, posing an existential threat.

Most economists believe that a recession is imminent, if we're not already in one.

Across the board, there will be fewer resources.  It will be harder than ever to get your fair share of the pie.



On the bright side, this past year colleges bargained like a Middle Eastern bazaar (can I still say that without offending the social justice warriors?). 

And it's looking like this trend will continue, next year.  

We'll roll up our sleeves and get into the trenches with you to help you fight for every last nickel you deserve.

Here's the special incentive we want to offer:

Instead of paying $3,497 -- the  "sticker price" for new clients -- you can practically STEAL our services for a teensy, minuscule $47 per month 

That's less than a cup of your favorite mocha-choka-half-caff daily indulgence at Starbs!!!

But you've got to enroll by deadline, so you help us set our schedule and workload for the upcoming season!

Bonuses Worth $1,659

To further sweeten the old pot, if you re-up with us before deadline, you get these wicked awesome, valuable bonuses:

  • VIP Membership in our "Inner Circle," our more-than-monthly client-only workshops where you can get your questions answered, get coaching from us and stay on top of all sneaky deadlines and opportunities that you cannot afford to miss!  Value:  $1,164
  • Unlimited email and phone support throughout the year for all of your personal questions, appeals and negotiations if necessary, you name it!  Value: $495
  • Peace of mind and a (relatively) stress-free existence, knowing that you don't have to worry about a scrap of paper, committing deadly mistakes and/or screwing yourself out of financial aid that you need - and deserve!  Value:  Priceless!


The Bottom Line

You can have us in your corner again for one more year (and beyond) for two bucks and change per day!  

Cancel anytime you want.

That's a pittance for a service that will potentially save you thousands - even tens of thousands - not to mention hours, days, weeks and unquantifiable stress from tackling this on your own!

Here's What To Do Next

Sign up now, don't delay!

Once this "Early Action Scholarship" expires, it's all over!  No second bites at the apple.  No excuses or favors.

Once the countdown clock hits zero, you won't be able to get back to this page.  If you hire us later, when we're busy, the price then will be at least $3,497.  Possibly higher.

DO NOT test this!!! :)

See you on the "inside,"

-Pearl and Andy

P.S.  More than one kid in college?  We charge a flat fee of $297 per additional child.

Other questions?  Email Andy directly, [email protected]


We Predict A Rosy Financial Aid Future For You...

...If you re-up with us today! What are you waiting for? This is our lowest, best price - you won't see a better deal from us, ever.


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