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How to Get Financial Aid and Merit Scholarships in Today's Turbulent Times

Tips and "loopholes" for any family to use (even if they think they can't qualify) comfortably afford any college without cutting back on their lifestyle, mortgage their homes or retirements up to the eyeballs or selling a kidney! Here's what we covered in this live session: How to comfortably afford college WITHOUT scrimping your lifestyle or plundering your retirement savings The inconvenient truth about what it really takes to get into a competitive college today The "hidden in plain sight" but DEADLIEST mistake unsuspecting parents, hapless guidance counselors and students make in the college selection process How to negotiate a cr-ppy merit aid and financial aid offer The changes to the financial aid formula and what it means for you Legal and ethical "loopholes" that could triple your eligibility for aid WARNING: did your accountant or "financial guy" tell you where to save for college? Their advice may have RUINED your ability to qualify for aid Business owners: Unique strategies that can save thousands Divorced/separated families: Who must file FAFSA...and who ShOULD file? How much does GPA count? SAT or ACT scores? And what is the third, "missing" component evaluated by admissions officers When is the best time to start planning for college? (Hint: it's not "in utero." Relax.) Call us at 516-882-5464 (24/7) or visit for more info!

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