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The Inconvenient Truth About Scholarships

#scholarships Oct 04, 2022

Listen up and get ready to write down the plentiful "nuggets" in this interview, that would be worth -- literally - five figures of scholarships that you would not otherwise have discovered...

College advisor Andy Lockwood interviews scholarship search expert Jean O'Toole on little known strategies -- and pitfalls -- relating to the search for scholarships for college.  Topics include:

  • The rarely-discussed truth about those 5,000 scholarship websites, contests and sweepstakes:  are they scams or legit?
  • The surprising place to uncover "hidden" scholarships from companies and other organizations
  • The counterintuitive -- but logical -- reason why companies and organizations offer scholarships
  • A "ninja" way to tilt the odds in your favor of winning a scholarship BEFORE you apply
  • The biggest mistake students and parents make in the scholarship search process
  • More!

 For more information about Jean O'Toole and her scholarship search assistance, visit

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