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How to Play the College Decision Waiting Game

I've gotten a fair amount of "what do we do now?" types of questions from clients, so I figured you might want to know how I answer them.

Meaning, kids have worked their tushes off all summer and fall on applications, essays and so forth, and finished up a few weeks or months ago.  

It feels like they should be doing SOMETHING!  

But the truth is, they're done.

Now it's time to wait, until "mid-December" or "late December" (gee, thanks for the certainty, admissions peeps).

is there anything to do other than sit around with your thumb up your you-know-what?

Of course.  Here are a few tips, off the top of the ol' noggin:

  • Continue to get great grades.  (Yes, that may seem like a Captain Obvious statement, but the first half of senior year of high school is tough, Senioritis can happen after acceptances come in. Not now. But ONLY mild, Omicron-esque cases are permitted!
  • Send in them grades!  Assuming you did well in the first quarter, have your guidance counselor send your updated transcript.  (Some high schools do this automatically.). Do this especially if you went test-optional! (If your grades slipped, keep that to yourself, do not send.)
  • Show interest.  If your college offers admissions interviews (most do not any more), schedule one.  If they offer only meaningless alumni interviews, sign up anyway to show interest.  Most colleges want to admit applicants they believe will be likely to matriculate, as opposed to being "used" as a Safety School.
  • Got updates?  Did you receive a new honor or accolade?  Did you accomplish something that would impress an admissions officer?  Email your assigned admissions officer about this new, breaking news, and reaffirm that you are excited to hear back from them with good news on your application, hopefully or words to that effect (please use your own words, for the love of all things holy).
  • Spend time on your colleges' applicant portals, if they have one and assigned you access.  This is another, creepier way that colleges track your interest. If you do NOT access their applicant portals regularly or at all, you'll red flag yourself as being DISinterested.  Big Brother is watching!

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That's it for now, see ya!

-Andy "Don't Like Waiting Either" Lockwood

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