Tutoring Client ONLY: Slash college costs with our fast, accurate and STRESS-FREE financial aid forms prep service!

How To Avoid DEADLY Mistakes On Your Financial Aid Forms...Errors That Can Cost Literally THOUSANDS

Say Goodbye and good riddance! - to stress, worry and confusion over screwing up your financial aid applications...get EVERY LAST DOLLAR in grants and scholarships that you need - and deserve - to send your kids to their "Dream Colleges!"

Here's what happens when you say "Yes" to our forms prep service:

Peace of mind

With us in your corner, you'll never have to worry about blowing deadlines, checking the wrong box, revealing information you don't need to disclose or overlooking a strategy to qualify for more money  

The most you're entitled to

Because we'll prepare your forms correctly and before deadline, you will get every last dollar you deserve...and need...to comfortably afford the college your child deserves to attend!

No stress, plus time to relax!

Let's face it, the FAFSA is a big time-sucking pain in the tush!  We'll take it off your plate so you can binge watch a Netflix series, head to the beach or just chill out the way you want!

Here's how it works:

  1. After you sign up, you'll get whisked over to our new client welcome questionnaire (time needed to complete:  approximately 3 minutes)
  2. You'll send us a few pieces of info  (W2s, tax returns and corp. returns if applicable)
  3. We will prepare your forms and send them to you to review and revise
  4. We will answer any and all questions on a phone call, email, meeting, text, OR multiple calls, emails and texts (there are no extra charges, you're never "on the clock")
  5. We file your financial aid applications to every college on your list before their priority deadlines so you don't lose out on any funds you're entitled to (we need your info 7 business days prior to your earliest deadline)
  6. AFTER we file, you will be bombarded by multiple, confusing and frustrating emails from FAFSA and the various and sundry colleges on your list:  Requests for additional information, notices that they didn't receive what you, in fact, actually sent to them, and much much more.  Relax - we'll take care of these follow up requests, too!
  7. AFTER you hear back and receive financial aid and scholarship offers from each college, we'll help you negotiate and/or appeal them to see if we can pick up a  few extra donuts  :)

Bottom line:

We're here for you every step of the way!

The unaffordable college, now AFFORDABLE

Thousands of parents sabotage their eligibility for financial aid and scholarships. $2.9 Billion of available funds got left on the table, according to a recent USA Today article.

Yet, the average discount offered by a college is a whopping 49.1%!

At any given college, only 25% of families pay "sticker" price, subsidizing the other 75%.

In other words:

Paying full price is a CHOICE, not an obligation!

Plain and simple, our guidance, and this service, is a money-maker  for you:

Our forms prep service is an inexpensive insurance policy to make sure you're taking advantage of all "loopholes"...
...and avoiding DEADLY, costly mistakes...
...to get the maximum amount of grants, scholarships and financial aid you're entitled to!



Choose the option that's right for you before deadline

FAFSA only



Accurate, timely and STRATEGIC preparation of your FAFSA

Unlimited email and support - all questions answered

We manage all responses and requests for further information from each college

Assistance negotiating/appealing

Student loan counseling and paperwork

FREE annual renewals for all members in good standing

Monthly membership may be canceled at any time


FAFSA + CSS Profile



Accurate, timely and STRATEGIC preparation of your FAFSA, CSS Profile and any/all supplemental forms

Unlimited support - all questions answered

We manage all responses and requests for further information from each college

Assistance negotiating/appealing

Student loan counseling and paperwork

FREE annual renewals for members in good standing

Monthly membership may be canceled at any time


College Success Coaching


Student "positioning" to optimize chances of admission to your "Dream School"

Majors and career discovery and advice to ensure "College ROI"

Creation of a balanced and strategic college list

College essay and application advice and editing

Student interview mandatory - this program requires a significant investment and is not right for everyone

If you are ready to invest in a one-on-one college coaching/mentoring relationship, apply today!


"When I first walked into your office I felt a huge relief that you had taken a burden off my shoulders. Thank you for all that you have done for my precious girls."

Beth Freeman Sova
Houston, Texas

"Your advice helped me negotiate an extra $20,000 from my daughter's top choice college AFTER they gave us nothing!"

Paul McDougal
Garden City, New York

"I know a lot of college advisors who promise things...but in your case I got real results. The people I've referred to you thank me."

Dennis O'Hara
Superintendent, Hauppauge School District

The FAFSA and CSS Profile Come out October 1st

YOUR priority financial aid deadlines will vary from college to college, generally from October 15-March 15. 

Deadlines have a way of sneaking up on you if you're not vigilant.

What happens if you're late?

If you blow a Priority Deadline, you might miss out on some or ALL of the money you deserved.

By the way, don't expect the financial aid office to feel sorry for you. They are in business, and they want to get the most they can from your savings!

All you're going to hear from them after they turn you down, is "Better luck next year."

On the other hand, if you rush in your forms, but make a sloppy mistake, they'll be kicked back to you.

What's the big deal?  By the time your applications come back to the fop of the pile for review, all of "your" funds may have been spoken for!

You have enough on your plate, let us manage your deadlines so you get a full and fair reading of your FAFSA and other financial aid applications!



Below are some common questions for you to review, but if you don't see what you're looking for, email or call us at [email protected] or 516-882-5464. We are real people, we stuck our real last name when we formed the company because we and our reputation stands behind everything we do (and we have a smidge of ego :)

Is your service guaranteed?

No, we cannot guarantee results, because there are too many moving parts out of our control, including whether the applicant is admitted to certain colleges, which colleges he/she is applying to, who else is applying and many, many more.

Truthfully, the most reputable college counselor organizations consider guarantees to be unethical, which we agree with.

My forms are due in 8 minutes - can you drop everything and help me?

No.  We require a minimum of seven (7) business days' advance notice of any upcoming deadlines to ensure timely filing. 

Pearl and I are too busy with our ordinary business and home life (four kids) for unnecessary stress.  Frankly, we opened our own business 18+ years ago so that we could have the freedom to run our lives the way we chose, without drama.

This may sound harsh, but I'll lay it all on the line:  your emergency is NOT our emergency.  Yes, we do our reasonable best to accommodate unforeseen "rushes," but we are not cardiologists or bail bondsmen.  High maintenance, drama queens (and kings) need not apply.

Aren't all forms due on October 1?

No.  There are no universal due dates, the way there are for tax returns. The FAFSA and CSS Profile are released on October 1, but your respective colleges' priority filing deadlines could be in November, December, even March. 

Note:  these deadlines could be DIFFERENT than college application deadlines.

Bottom line: You must check the priority financial aid deadline of each school on your list, there are no shortcuts.

How do I know which forms to file/which package to sign up for?

Some colleges require the FAFSA only, some the FAFSA plus the CSS Profile, and many colleges have their own, institutional forms.  Each school lists their requirements on their respective websites.

Do I need to file the FAFSA to receive merit scholarships?  

You might have to, it depends on the policies of each of your colleges. 'For many colleges, the answer is "yes."

The forms look pretty easy, can't I just do this myself?

Yes, if you are the do-it-yourselfer type (perhaps you file your own tax returns, do your own plumbing, etc.)  It's entirely up to you.  

However, in our weird corner of the universe, all we see are mistakes made by smart, financially sophisticated people  - CPAs, attorneys, financial advisors - who try this on their own, then come to us after the fact, when it's too late, to help fix their errors. 

We are experts, our specialized knowledge can help you save far more than our fee, many times over.  Not to mention the stress and uncertainty.

What is the monthly $47 fee for?

We call it a "support" fee, but it covers more than support.  After you file, you will hear from each of your colleges once, twice or several times re: further requests.  We will guide you each step of the way to negotiate scholarship and financial aid offers, help with loan paperwork and more.

In addition, your monthly membership entitles you to participate in our private client-only Facebook group fo, to be apprised of pending deadlines, ask your personal questions, receive extra coaching and hear what other parents in the same boat are asking.

You can cancel any time.

Is this fee for all four years of college?

Anyone whose monthly membership in good standing receives free forms prep for the following year.

I have more than one child in college, do I pay another full fee?  

No.  We charge an extra $297 per child.

We are divorced, is my ex covered under this service?

No, we charge a full fee for the non-custodial parent because he/she is a completely new, different client requiring us to start from scratch.

Do you sell financial products or help us with financial planning?

No.  We are not financial planners and do not have securities or investment licenses. We prepare financial aid forms and provide other related college advisory services (see LockwoodCollegePrep.com for more info)


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