Accepting applications for 9th and 10th graders. Limited availability for 11th graders.

Get every last dime of financial aid you deserve...

So you can comfortably afford college WITHOUT scrimping on your lifestyle, mortgaging your home or retirement up to the eyeballs or piling tens of thousands in high fee, high rate college loans on your child…or you!

Avoid deadly, costly mistakes on the financial aid applications --- Don't miss any deadlines -- Get expert help negotiating your merit and financial aid offers from the guy who literally "wrote the book" on college negotiations!

Don’t be fooled, the FAFSA (the most common financial aid application) may appear straightforward on its face, but more than 1,100 pages of gobbledygook regulations lurk behind it.  The devil is truly in the details.

And if you have other forms like the CSS Profile to submit, one look and you will NOT be fooled:  you’ll have 200-300 complex, invasive answers to provide!  It’s a root canal without novocaine. 

The scary thing is that even a tiny, careless or otherwise innocuous mistake can – LITERALLY – cost you thousands of dollars.  Even tens of thousands!    That’s why we created The Financial Aid Warrior Program, headed by Pearl Lockwood, Esq., who personally handles financial aid applications for more than 300 families per year.  Her college knowledge is a money-maker for her clients.

When you say “Yes!” to our Financial Aid Warrior program you’ll immediately receive the following invaluable benefits...

  • Strategies to improve eligibility for grants and scholarships, including "sheltering" funds and other legal and ethical techniques
  • Accurate and timely filing of your financial aid forms: Follow our system and you'll experience NO MISSED DEADLINES, NO SCREW UPS!
  • Phone, email support all the way through the process
  • Help negotiating your award after you receive it
  • Monthly client-only, live "here's what you should be doing now" updates and Q&A
  • Free annual filings of FAFSA, etc. for members in good standing
  • A nationally-renowned financial aid expert who is here for you EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!

But most importantly, you’ll receive something impossible to put a price on…

Peace of mind!   

Picture how GREAT you’ll feel, knowing that you were smart enough to bring in true experts in financial aid to give your kid(s) and your family the best support – through an overwhelming, incredibly complicated and ever-changing process!  

The Financial Aid Warrior program can make the unaffordable college suddenly AFFORDABLE

Here’s where to sign up (space limited, we stop taking on new clients once we hit capacity):

Use the coupon code X150 or X150-EZ for an instant $150 off "scholarship" for the one-pay (3,495) or EZ-pay option (5 monthly payments of 749, total 3,745) to lock in your low, incentive pricing before deadline! 

1-PAY (Best Deal) EZ-Payment Plan

Questions?   Email or call us, [email protected] or 516-882-5464 (24/7, leave a message)!


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