Finally! A Step-By-Step, REALISTIC College Game Plan To Multiply Your Child's Odds Of Admission To Her "Dream Colleges" And Qualify For Thousands In Financial Aid & Scholarships

Let's chat about your "College Success Plan!"



For families dipping their toes in the college waters who want a workable "College Success Plan"

At the end of our call, you will have a workable, actionable College Success Plan to guide you throughout the remainder of your college journey

Conference call - invite anyone you'd like to participate: child, spouse, ex-spouse, guy at the deli, whomever

Fire away any and all questions you have, college admissions, college list, financial aid, scholarships, test prep - anything goes!  Andy will answer them and advise you on the best strategies for getting into college and paying for college based on his 18+ years of experience

Even one suggestion can, literally, "make" in terms of strategies to qualify for thousands - or tens of thousands - in college funds!

Fee applied to future services, if any

100% satisfaction guarantee



By application only.

If you're ready to invest in personalized, one-on-one coaching and mentoring, submit an application, and we will call to schedule an obligation-free, casual interview so that we can explore whether we'd be a good fit for each other.

Fees can range from $2,000 for financial aid consulting to more than $16,000 for college advising, depending on when Andy starts working with your child.

Preliminary face-to-face interview mandatory to ensure your child is a good fit, and vice-versa.  

Subject to availability - Andy has cut down on the number of students he coaches 1-on-1 significantly in the recent past in order to free up his time for other business and family pursuits. Please allow up to seven (7) business days for response.