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The Murdaugh Method of College Admissions

Uncategorized Mar 08, 2023

I wrote about this before but it's worth repeating:  61% of high school seniors surveyed recently admitted to lying on their college applications.

Lies about race and ethnicity, extracurricular activities, internships, made up stuff on their essays, you name it.

As a non-statistician, I don't know how accurate the study was, but I was comforted a bit by another finding: 

30% of the liars were caught.  Consequences included having their acceptances rescinded.

Putting aside my misgivings about the numbers in the survey, my main takeaway was this:

 Now you know your competition!

It's not just celebrities, actors and ultra rich families who fabricate college applications.  Apparently, there's a ton of "normies" who will say or do anything to get an edge over their competition.

Or, more accurately, what they THINK is an edge over their competition.

Getting into college is partially about grades, SATs or ACTs and other academic factors.  But it's also about 20+ other considerations -- some of which are in your control, some  completely out of your control -- that get thrown in the hopper.

'm going to cover the main ones in two days.   Pearl and I will be running a live webinar this Thursday, March 9th. Topics will include:

"The New Rules of College Admissions" -The effect of Diversity, Equity Inclusion, ChatGBT, Test-Optional policies, the Supreme Court and other prevailing trends will have on your child's chances of getting into the college he or she's dreaming of attending

Negotiation Secrets -- How to appeal for more merit and financial aid after your college "low balls" you

"Loopholes" and "Landmines" - Legal and ethical ways to "shelter" your savings so that you qualify for more money;  plus deadly TRAPS lurking throughout the financial aid applications that can sabotage your eligibility!

The Truth About the 529 -- Is the 529 College Savings Plan good or bad, "friend" or "foe?"

More, you can fire away your questions at us, live and in the chat!

There are no plans to record this session, so I hope you can make it Thursday night.  Here's the signup page:


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