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SAT/ACT Promo Ending

Uncategorized Jul 18, 2023

Greetings from Cape Cod.  I'll be quicker than greased lightening:  our online and in-person SAT classes start tomorrow, Tuesday, and Wednesday (7/18 and 7/19), respectively. If you enroll now you'll save a cool $100.

Just go here for the online class and here for the in-person, group tutoring class -- use coupon code CRUSH2023 for either.  (Just wait for the shopping cart price to update before you check out.)

Higher scores mean greater odds of admission, even in a so-called test optional world -- and better chances of winning scholarships.

Summer is the best time to prep, there aren't any school-year distractions.

Sign up today!

-Andy Lockwood

P.S.  Yes, we tutor for the ACT too.  Everything is listed on our test prep website:


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