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Ask Your Child This Question (class of 2025 families)

college applications Jun 03, 2024

Tonight, if you asked your child  to answer the question, "Why should a college accept YOU?", how would they respond?

Most kids have no clue. 

Or they come up with a non-answer that sounds like something they think admissions officers want to hear (but could pertain to every college applicant):

"I have a 94 GPA."  

"I'm in National Honor Society."

I'm an extremely "hard worker." 

And "passionate," of course.


“Get me the hard working, passionate kid with the 94 average!” said no admissions officer, ever.

A average?  The A is officially now the most popular grade in high school.  Grade inflation is RAMPANT from coast to coast.  There are no C students anymore.

Honor Society?  Welcome to the top 70% of your class.  Can you say "Academic Participation Trophy?"

While I’m on this mini-rant, here’s my new pet theory:

EVERYONE applying to college is a "leader."   They're all in charge!  There are no followers applying to college.

I'm being facetious, but you get the point.

Most kids have NO freaking idea how to capture admissions officers' attention, hearts and minds and PERSUADE them why they should be admitted to the school of their dreams!

That goes double for parents, who are even more in the dark than their kids. 

They think things are "the same as when they applied" (even if they hand wrote their essays). 

You know, back in ancient times, when Northeastern and U Miami accepted 90% of applicants if they could write a check (or borrow the funds), and fog a mirror. Kids from my suburban Boston high school went to Northeastern if they get into any other college.

Now, Northeastern receives 100,000 applications, admits less than 7%  of applicants, and has achieved elite status.  

It's a whole new world. The college process today is unrecognizable, overcomplicated and extremely confusing and stressful. 

But that's exactly why we're offering our 10th annual Get College Ready Essays and Applications Bootcamp.  You can get the full workup on this summer-long event below, but here are the highlights:

  • Two (2) instructional sessions to discover how to stand out from 50,000 near-identical competitors as an Incomparable Applicant
  • Four (4) working Drafting Sessions (two Sunday mornings in July, two in August) to write, edit, brainstorm with our editors
  • Eight (8) open Office Hours, weekly during the evening throughout July and August to get additional help with essays, applications, the college list, more
  • Additional editing and support outside of the above sessions
  • WE hold your student accountable.  YOU don't have to scream at or threaten them all summer :)

Here's where to get all details and take advantage of our 10% off instant scholarship (discount):  use coupon code BOOT-10 or BOOT-10EZ for the one-pay or payment plan options:

Learn more...


- Andy Lockwood

P.S.  Enrollment closes June 15 or after we sell our final 5 spots, whichever is sooner.

You can attend live, in our BRAND NEW office (yay!), or virtually, over (not brand new) Zoom.

P.P.S.  If you and a buddy sign up, we'll knock off a few more bucks.  Email me with questions.


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