For Class of 2022 families who have been watching, with shock, awe and mounting ANXIETY at what’s happening to today’s college applicants…

How to Avoid Admissions Armageddon

It’s been a bloody horror movie for so many Class of 2021 families:  denials, deferrals and wait lists, even at “Safety Schools!” 

Here’s how to avoid a similar, ghastly fate...without lying, bribing or photoshopping your kid’s way into a top college!

Dear Fellow Parent

We spoke recently to explore working together, but it appears that the time wasn’t right, or maybe that you’re looking for another -- possibly requiring less of an investment -- way to help your kiddo get into a bunch of great colleges… “wholesale” prices!”

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m assuming that you reached out to us in the first place because you realized that you need expert advice on how to pick colleges, get into colleges and PAY for college -- without selling a kidney or mortgaging your home or retirement up to the eyeballs --  in today’s, ahem, “challenging” environment!

Are You Aware of What’s Happening Right Now for College Applicants?

Ask any high school senior (Class of 2021):  this year has been a flat-out BLOODBATH:  deferrals, wait lists and REJECTIONS from even “Safety Schools” where they would have gotten into easily -- even if they wrote their essays in crayon -- in years past!

There seems to be no rhyme or reason to who gets in and who doesn’t.  At least to guidance counselors, who were 100% blindsided by this year’s results, mostly because they rely on outdated tools and information, which they pass along to unsuspecting, hapless students.

The Challenge Facing Our KIds

That’s why I wanted to tell you about a program that we used to offer before we discontinued it some years ago. I’ve decided to take it out of the proverbial vault and dust it off for a limited time because I have a hunch that it could be the right program -- and right price -- for you.  

But first, let me give you a quick lay of the land.  I won’t sugar coat it, our kids are facing HUGE challenges today...

  • Applications are WAY up, most colleges report 30-40% increases.  Colgate announced a 102% uptick! Kids are applying to more schools than ever before.
  • 75-80% of kids switch majors, depending on which study you read.  No big deal, you ask? It is if switching majors leads to the 6 Year Plan, at 75K per year EXTRA.
  • Zoom and other online learning has sapped many of our kids' motivation or enthusiasm to get everything done, WHEN it needs to be done.
  • Guidance counselors are MIA thanks to the pandemic, but even in the good old days (last year) the average counselor student workload was more than 400 students!  They’re outgunned, outmanned and overwhelmed!
  • Students (and parents) are being CRUSHED with high fee college debt!  We’re now North of $1.7 Billion, with no hopes of slowing down -- even if Uncle Joe forces taxpayers to cough up 10K per kid, how much will that drop in the bucket help a college grad with $250,000K owed up the wazoo?

Imagine if there were a way to clear the clutter and confusion, and march forth on a straight path that leads to being admitted to great colleges that will roll out the red carpet with hefty tuition discounts


In a nutshell, that’s the heart of the Incomparable Applicant Signature Program©.   If you are one of the first 12 to  say “Yes! to this special offer, you will discover...


  • How to stand out in a “Sea of Sameness” from 50,000 competitor applicants with the same grades and same test scores,  and create an application so powerful that admissions officers will (practically) crawl naked over broken glass to admit your student
  • How to qualify for five figure merit scholarships even if your child didn’t crush the SAT/ACT or cure an epidemic over the summer
  • Personalized college essay coaching and accountability coaching for the Common Application Essay and up to 5 colleges...from an actual, real life former college admissions officer
  • How to visit colleges (yes, this is happening now)  - including the two key areas that you’ll never hear about on an “info-session” (sales pitch) or tour (sales pitch)
  • How to choose colleges strategically, not based entirely on “Rear Window Sticker” or rank
  • A ninja way to ACE the college interview, by turning the tables on the interviewer
  • How to find overlooked “gem” colleges that will give your child a great education at a great price
  • Waitlist strategies (huge this year - perhaps bigger next year!)
  • More!!!

What would it be worth to you to have an easy, paint by numbers system to get your hands on tens of thousands of dollars of scholarships…

...AND have an expert hold your child accountable and have him execute exactly what he needs to do to get into the colleges he deserves to attend?

...Not to mention the time savings of days and months you’ll never get back -- and elimination of STRESS from fighting with your kid that will rob you of years off your life?

Let’s talk turkey.

You already know that private consulting clients pay more than $12,000-25,000 for my advice on how to get into a top college at “wholesale” prices.  Admittedly, that’s a borderline, unconscionable amount and not right for everybody, even when you consider the return on investment.

But I’ve closed the doors on taking on private clients for the time being (and have a growing waitlist, thanks in no small part to recent media attention). 

The good news is that you won’t have to pay anywhere near that to get our specialized, expert advice!

But before I spill the beans on this special offer, permit me to throw in a few more items I believe you’ll find extremely valuable.

All Incomparable Applicant Signature Program families will receive...

  • Access to recorded instruction from former admissions officers at the University of Chicago (admit rate:  6.2% in 2020) on what THEY -- not your English teacher or guidance counselor -- would want to see on a college essay - and NOT see. In contrast, your English teacher has never been “in the room” and is merely GUESSING what a winning college essay should look like.
  • Complimentary guest pass to one of our “Incomparable Applicant Essays and Applications Boot Camp” sessions, to be held Sunday mornings in June and July 2021 (schedule to come, we anticipate holding four sessions and charging at least $700 to attend to the outside, lay public)
  • A LIVE prompt-by-prompt breakdown of the NEW Common Application Essay prompts (coming this summer, recorded for later viewing)
  • A treasure trove of business and tax tips that can free up hidden, buried “scholarships” from virtually any business owner’s P&L
  • The truth about scholarships:  where to find them, when to start looking, and who really qualifies?
  • The 529 college savings account:  “friend” or “foe?”  

I’m not done yet!  To sweeten the pot, I’ve got a few more items up my sleeve...

“Early Action” Bonuses

If you respond to this letter in seven (7) days, AND you are one of the first 12 to enroll in the Incomparable Applicant Signature Program©, you will earn these “Early Action” (see what I did there?) bonuses: 

Bonus 1: Personalized Merit Scholarship Search. You’ll work directly with my colleague, author and speaker Jean O’Toole, scholarship search expert.  I hired Jean last year for my own daughter and was EXTREMELY pleased with the results. Since then I’ve given Jean’s name to at three dozen-odd families and heard nothing but high praise.  - Value $150. 

Bonus 2:  Proprietary, “Naviance on ‘Roids” personal college planning software that ensures a balanced, strategic list of colleges (we use this behind-the-scenes with our elite, private clients.  I’ve used this “secret” program for seven-odd years,  created by one of my mentors, Don Betterton, who served on Princeton University’s Admissions Committee for 30 years and its director of financial aid for the same period. 

Unlike Naviance and Score, which are both extremely limited in the factors they consider when used to handicap odds of admission - this College Guru Software accounts for 20 plus factors -- beyond GPA and SAT or ACT scores, such as race, ethnicity, if you’re a legacy, to name a few -- and compares each student against EVERY other child admitted by that particular college, worldwide.  Naviance and Score do neither, which is a BIG reason why hundreds of thousands of Class of 2021 students were stunned by rejections or deferrals by colleges they -- and their guidance counselors -- perceived to be “sure things.”   - Value: $497  

Bonus 3 :  “Inner Circle” membership:  Monthly client-only online meetings, checklists, college planning calendar, deadline reminders and a printed, “snail mail” newsletter delivered to your door each month (not buried in your emails) - so that you never miss an opportunity, BLOW a key date or wonder, “What should we be doing, now?”-  Value:  $563 

Bonus 4:  25% off -- our biggest discount -- our financial aid consulting and forms preparation service -- currently $2,500, so your price is only $1,875 -- if you enroll, completely at your option, now or by August 1 2021.  We prepare your FAFSA and CSS Profile, identify any strategies to get more money, help negotiate your offers, more! - Value:  $625

Recent Incomparable Applicant Bootcamp session (not posed)

Total Value of All Early Decision Bonuses: $1,835

The above bonuses tally up to a nice, tidy sum but, candidly,  the value of the Incomparable Applicant Signature Program© is much, much more:


  • Value if you get only one, extra measly scholarship of $5,000 per year (the program is designed to produce far more than that):  $20,000
  • Value of having a clear path so that you don’t change majors 2-3 times and end up on the six year plan:  $60,000-$160,000, depending on where your child goes to college
  • Value of getting into the “best fit” college that helps launch your kiddo for post-college success: Priceless
  • Value of not having to scream at your child all summer to get his or her essay and applications done: DOUBLE PRICELESS!!!

Alrighty, here’s the deal…

The Incomparable Applicant Signature Program is a combination of

  1. Working with a former admissions officer, under my supervision, on the applications, essays and
  2. Holding your child accountable to complete it all on time and in the absolute best form possible to give him/her their BEST SHOT at getting in where they want to get in, and
  3. Supplementary recorded content to review on your time, that I have offered (and people have bought) for $497-997. 

The investment to enroll is $7,995, which we'll honor until we hit our maximum of 12 students.

However, please note carefully...

All sales are final and that there are no refunds. 

You’re hiring us for advice, it’s up to you to implement it.

In other words, do NOT force your child into doing this, you can’t want it more than they do!  Here’s where to go, while we still have room for you...

Yes Andy, I want to get started...

Or break your payments into 5 easy monthly installments!

How this program is different...

One final note:  you may be wondering how this program is different than our comprehensive college advisory service. 

Remember how I said earlier that we “retired” this program a few years ago?  We did so because I wanted to offer a more comprehensive service, that includes 1. career counseling, 2. Financial aid consulting and preparation of financial aid forms and 3. My 1:1 attention. 

This special program is a “lite” version of our comprehensive program, so those items are not part of it. But that’s why tuition for the Incomparable Applicant Signature Program© is almost 50% less.  Just thought I should ‘splain it :)

As of today, there are 12 spots available, but I expect them to get snapped up in a couple of weeks, if not sooner.  Please get back to me within seven (7) days if you’re interested.  If we don’t hear back, we’ll cancel your spot and release it for another family.

Hope to hear back soon.  If you have any questions, feel free to email me directly, [email protected]


-Andy Lockwood

CEO, Lockwood College Prep

P.S.  Here a few comments from clients who received the same advice, that is currently available to you:

“You made the process a lot more relaxing and fun...that’s what I needed!” 

Shreya Suneja, admitted to The University of Pennsylvania

“The biggest reason I needed your help was because there were were so many aspects of the college application process that I didn’t understand…” 

Olivia Zhang, admitted to Yale University

“The whole process of working with you has been fantastic!  Thank you for helping our daughter get accepted by her dream school, UCLA!” - Lena Sakayan, Huntington, NY

I needed someone to bounce ideas off of for the essays, it was great to have you.  I knew my English teachers could not help me.  Thank you!- Julia Petrini, Brown University

Yes Andy, I want to get started...

Or break your payments into 5 easy monthly installments!