Great job -- got your info!  And here's what happens next...



  • Christine will contact you to verify all of the information you provided, go over your questions, etc.

  • Once your file is ready, Christine turns it over to Pearl, who will prepare your FAFSA, etc. for your review.  

  • Pearl will also identify any and all strategies for improving your eligibility for financial aid, if applicable

  • Once you sign off on the draft financial aid applications, Pearl will file them

  • We also handle all post-filing follow up questions, etc. from colleges

  • We will help negotiate your offers (once all of them are in)

Students (College Advisory Clients):

  • College Advisory students complete a separate New Student Questionnaire, previously emailed to them but accessible here too

  • That questionnaire goes to our career counselors (LEAP) who in turn reach out to you / your child with next steps, namely the  Birkman Assessment

  • You and your kiddo speak to our career counselor, Julie to debrief the results of the Birkman

  • Then you reconvene with your college advisor to talk about majors, careers and the college list

Final thought/tip:  We post a monthly, live video in our private Facebook group, so if you're a Facebook person, please join us there! (You'll also get access to those meetings and more in the private membership area of our main site,, which not even Zuck can access without your permission!)

That's it!  Email us with questions, [email protected]!

Thanks and welcome aboard!