How to Become a College Planning Guru

Info session on how to get in on an exploding industry that lets you "do well by doing good" - college advising!

Here's what will be covered on this presentation...

Plain and simple, the process of getting in and paying for college is ridiculously overcomplicated and stressful.  

The problem is that parents  -- whether at public or private high schools -- don't get the help they need from the resources they have.

That's why the college advising industry is exploding!

And that's where you come in.

This presentation describes our certification program, that helps you get into this exiting field with zero-to-low overhead and hit the ground running and get your first client within 4-6 weeks, or less!

I will share non-public information about how we build our highly profitable, 7-figure, mom and pop (literally) firm, and how you can do the same...

...whether you're looking to completely reinvent yourself or add college planning onto an existing accounting or financial advising practice, for example.

(Not a franchise, by the way.)

I haven't offered this program for a year, and may not do so ever again.

So if this sounds interesting to you, sign up today!  



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