For successful business owners who feel like they're getting the shaft from colleges and the IRS, and are suspicious they're not receiving the best advice...

Finally!  Tuition Relief for High-Income Business Owners

Discover closely-guarded, legal and ethical "Loopholes" BURIED in your business that the financial aid office, your CPA, the IRS and the high fee, rip-off lenders hope and pray you never stumble across!

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Dear Fellow Business Owner,

I know you're busy, so I'll cut to the quick.

If you're an entrepreneur and feel like you're getting the royal shafteroo from colleges who think you're Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates, and don't need any help paying their ridiculous rip-off tuition...

...expecting you to subsidize and give "free rides" to TONS of other families who, perhaps, were less responsible -- and motivated -- than you...

...and perhaps again, a wee bit "entitled..."

Then I promise that it's worth your time to read this letter, and watch the interview on this page, because it could, potentially, be worth many thousands of dollars.

To be blunt: if you're a business owner with a six or seven figure income, I'd wager there are thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars either slipping through your fingers...

...or flat-out BURIED, in your business.

My name is Andy Lockwood, I'm an author, public speaker and an attorney-turned college admissions and finance expert.

I specialize in helping my students get accepted by competitive, "Dream Colleges," and showing high income business owners how to pay discounted prices and achieve "College ROI."

I'm an expert, but also know that I don't know everything.  

Particularly about the tax code (I'm a "recovering" attorney, not a CPA).

That's why I felt extremely fortunate to sweet-talk a nationally renowned tax expert, Rick Darvis, CPA, to sit down with my clients and share the actual strategies high income business owners - who were facing the prospect of paying "Full Boat" for their children's college tuition --  pay him thousands of dollars to implement.

Strategies that, in turn, save them a MULTIPLE of their investment, by way of reduced college costs and a much, much lower tax burden.

Our "Tax Scholarship" webinar and service is just what the doctor ordered to help you level the playing field, and comfortably afford to pay for college, keep more of what you worked so hard to produce, and enjoy a better quality of life.

Fact is, most college financial aid officers look at us business owners and resent us -- they think that we have the life of Riley: 

Freedom to set our own schedules.

No stupid boss to force us to do dumb stuff we don't feel like doing.

No "meetings to have meetings."

No clock to punch, that sort of thing.

They're not wrong, but of course they see only part of the picture.

I bet they wouldn't be as jealous if they understood how EARLY we get up,  how LATE we stay at the office and how much HARD WORK is involved, 7 days a week. 

Not to mention the risks we took to start up.

Or the ongoing stress, and good old fashioned, unglamorous, blocking and tackling, blood sweat and tears that go into our businesses every day to pay the rent, cover payroll and deal with employee problems and other hassles that you'd never know about unless you had the guts to run your own business.

And they certainly don't understand the difference between GROSS income and NET, which is probably the main reason the bureaucratic, DMV-like financial aid offices "stiff" most business owners.

The good news is that relief is at hand, courtesy of our "Tax Scholarship" webinar and service.

In this revealing interview, you will discover:

  • 7 strategies high-income business owners can use to unlock cash for college from their business
  • The startling reason your CPA will never suggest these techniques to you
  • Just how aggressive or "red-flaggy" are these strategies?  The answer may surprise you
  • The shocking reason why Bezos, Zuckerberg, Buffet and other business titans pay LESS to the IRS than you (and what you can do about it)
  • How a personal injury attorney who made $800,000 qualified for need-based financial aid
  • An out-of-the box (but entirely legal) strategy for doctors and dentists to pay for college
  • More

Rick and I covered a TON of info just for high income business owners who've mistakenly resigned themselves to paying "Sticker Price" for college. 

But the truth of the matter is:

You don't have to write a huge check for college. 

On the webinar you will discover legal and ethical strategies and tactics your CPA doesn't know, but should have told you about, to find cash for college, buried in your business.

You'll walk away with a treasure trove of legal tips and tactics you can implement immediately to pay less for college and keep more of what you earn.

OK, I know what you're thinking, if you're even half as skeptical as I. 

So let me address the sleeping elephant on the screen.

As you may have suspected, we're not offering this valuable information solely our of our pure-hearted love of fellow business owners. 

We're in business too, and are very well compensated for the value we provide, and demonstrate on this webinar.

If you don't understand the concept of Return on Investment, or getting what you pay for, please close this window and don't bother reading the rest of this message.  

But if you ARE interested in potentially saving tens of thousands of dollars, legally and ethically, with our help, all you need to do is complete a short application.

Click the green button, above.

Then we will personally review it to see if you qualify for our help.  No obligation, and no charge (with one exception, below).

There's no fee for the review, but:

You must be one of the first 11 to respond.  

Response to our initial presentation was more than we bargained for, so we have to close the spigot.

After you submit your application, naturally, we'll be in touch if Rick thinks you'd be a good candidate for our service.

Otherwise, we won't waste your valuable time.  Or ours.

Assuming we do get in touch, there's no charge for the initial meeting, where you get a "free look" at the strategies that could save you beaucoup bukks.

So to sump up, you're getting two freebies:

Our initial review is free. And so is and the first meeting, typically a video call whereby Rick walks you through your tax return and identifies specific legal, and ethical opportunities to free up cash for college.

Then and only then, if you decide to move forward and implement our recommended "Tax Scholarship" strategies, we charge a retainer equal to a percentage of your documented savings, to be explained, in writing, after the meeting.

Bingo!  It's "Found money" to you.

And ZERO risk, obviously.

Because if you move forward, we're compensated purely on success.

It's what we call a "Dollars at a Discount" proposition - pay us a dollar, receive five dollars.

Or, possibly, more.  

Even if it were pay us a dollar, receive $1.25, I'd still do that deal all day long, wouldn't any reasonable businessman or businesswoman?

That's all there is to it. There's no fine print.  You cannot lose.

But if you, in good faith, choose NOT to move forward on implementing the recommended strategies, there's no harm, no foul. 

And no charge. That's how confident Rick is, it's easy for him to put his money where his mouth is.

Think about it, do you have the, ahem, "guts" to run your business like that?

No charge if the client decides not to pay? 

How about your current accountant, does he have an unconditional "don't pay me if you don't get results" guarantee? 

I sure don't, but Rick does, and that speaks volumes about his confidence, and character.

We're assuming that you're of decent character too, and won't burn us by taking the strategies, for free, and enjoying a windfall that you don't deserve.

That "urgency" is that the webinar recording expires in a few short days, and we can handle only 11 of these freebie applications.

More than 209 people signed up for this presentation, so you'd better hustle if you don't want to blow a shot to pick Rick's brain for free. 

Otherwise, it's a $1,000 consultation, fees applied against future service.

Rick's a pretty high level guy who's been around the block, and back.  Google him and you'll see that he was featured by Forbes and many, many other media outlets over the years, written a bunch of books, lectured to his fellow accountants regularly for years, you name it. 

Oh, and Pearl and I are his clients, too.  He's helped us EXACTLY the same way he described on our interview.

Point is that, because of his expertise and unique ability, Rick's time is extremely valuable.  He's very much in demand due to his specialized knowledge of the IRS Department of Treasury rules, and where they intersect with the Department of Education's rules and regulations. 

He's a bona fide rainmaker.  But you've got to book him before deadline, or you'll lose out.

Here's where to apply:

OK.  Final, "preaching to the choir" comment:

The most successful business owners seize opportunities when they present themselves.  

But the wishy-washy, "analysis-paralysis" ones, who agonize over meaningless decisions because they can't get of their own way, will be perpetually stuck with mediocre, frustrating results.

And, not for nothing, Rick and I have each, independently found that the easiest clients to work with are decisive and make swift decisions after they've performed their necessary due diligence.  

So in a way, this expiring opportunity will weed out the pain in the neck, wishy-wishy folks who would suck up too much of our time anyway.

Alright.  I've made my case.  If you don't see by now why you should book a free Tax Scholarship Strategy Session, I don't think you ever will.

My best advice:  jump on this opportunity now, or you could regret it later.


Andrew Lockwood, J.D.

On behalf of Rick Darvis, CPA 

P.S.  Picture what you would do if you could free up an extra $20,000, $50,000 or more -- each year -- from your business without making an extra nickel.

What would you do with this windfall?

Beef up your retirement savings?

Pay down some debt?

Shore up your kids' college funds?

Take an actual, bona fide vacation to rejuvenate yourself and avoid burnout (gasp!)?

About the instructors

Rick Darvis, CPA is widely recognized as one of the country’s leading experts in both the tax and college financial planning fields. Rick’s knowledge in taxes and college financial planning has earned him invitations to speak on college financial planning and income tax planning to his contemporaries at CPA and CFP® conferences in more than 40 states.

Rick has been quoted in Forbes, CNN-FN, Newsweek, U.S. News and World Report, Money, Business Week, Kiplinger's Personal Finance, NY Times, Smart Money, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg’s Personal Finance, Nation's Business, Financial Advisor, Dow Jones Newswire, On Investing, Knight Ridder News, Mutual Fund Market News, Research Magazine, Practical Accountant, Offspring, LIMRA's Market Facts, NAPFA Advisor, and AICPA's Planner.

Rick has provided education programs on tax and college planning for many financial service companies around the country, including Manulife, MFS, American Skandia, Franklin Templeton, Eastern Bank, US Bank, Linsco Private Ledger, Securities America, Genworth, Lincoln Financial, UBS, Wachovia, Smith Barney, John Hancock Financial Network, Legg Mason, Edward Jones, and Raymond James.

Rick is the author of several books, including The College Solution and Pay for Your Graduate Nursing Education Without Going Broke: Tips from the Pros, with Carl Buck.

Andrew Lockwood, J.D. is an internationally-known expert on college admissions and merit and need-based aid.

He is the best-selling author of several books on college planning, including How to Pay Wholesale for College, 5th edition, and How to Get Into Your Dream College Without Lying, Bribing and Photoshopping.

Andy has been featured as a college expert for years locally, nationally and internationally, including Fox News, CBS, The Wall Street Journal, MarketWatch, CNBC, The New York Post and i24 News, among others.

Andy and his wife Pearl Chizner Lockwood, J.D., a financial aid forms preparation expert, host The College Planning Edge podcast, publish the College Planning Edge Newsletter and host the talk show, College Talk Tuesday.