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How to "Hide" Your Money from the Financial Aid Office

Free webinar reveals legal "loopholes" buried in the financial regulations that you can use to slash college costs by 52.% (or more), even if you think "What's the use? Families like us NEVER get anything!"


On this free class, given by best-selling author, speaker and local college advisor Andrew Lockwood, J.D., you will discover:

  • 4.5 legal and ethical "shelters" in the financial aid formulas that could save you thousands off tuition for each of your children
  • Who can qualify for financial aid and who can't?  The answer may surprise you
  • A detailed (i.e. kinda boring, but important!) breakdown of the financial aid formula and how you can use it to beat the criminally expensive colleges at their own game
  • What if you do NOT qualify for need-based financial aid?  "Secrets" of getting your hands on tens of thousands in merit aid, even if your kid isn't valedictorian and didn't single-handedly build a village in a Third Word Country
  • Special "loopholes" for business owners...and deadly "landmines" to steer clear of
  • How to negotiate a financial aid or merit aid offer
  • More!

Sign up today, we're offering this free class as a marketing experiment but reserve the right to take it down at any time, without notice. 

About the instructor

Andrew Lockwood, J.D. is a bestselling author, college advisor and, together with his wife, Pearl Lockwood, co-founder of Lockwood College Prep. in Glenwood Landing, New York.


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