Now That You've Filed Your FAFSA

Pearl elaborates on next steps, including all of the various and sundry information requests and other emails you’ll likely get now that your FAFSA and CSS Profile are filed…

Spoiler alert:   DON’T PANIC!

Forward anything you don’t know how to handle  to “” and/or you can always book a call with Pearl,


  1. Save all of your passwords, FSA IDs, etc.  They’re stored in our “FAFSAsoft” system, secure and password protected.  NOTE – if you change any of this info, we won’t be able to log into your forms.  Our STRONG recommendation is not to change anything.  Trust us this will avoid delay and frustration when you ask us to make a change in a few weeks:  Pearl can’t log in, Pearl asks you if you changed your log in info, you’re not sure if you did or not, you go back and forth….etc. etc. etc..  YUCK!
  2. Verify with each college on your list that they received your FAFSA and other forms we filed.  NOTE – wait three business days before you call.  Some schools will be helpful and verify that they received everything, some will act like you’re bothering them and not be that helpful.
  3. If you ever ADD a college – i.e. decide to apply to another college or colleges – they will not get your FAFSA etc. unless you tell us to file them!  This happens almost every year.  Please email Pearl ( any new colleges you want her to send a FAFSA etc. to.
  4. Expect multiple ROUTINE requests from each college for more information.   In fact, expect multiple emails to bombard you from the colleges and FASFA, possibly the College Board. Some emails may indicate that you’re “missing” information or say something equally panic-inducing.  IMPORTANT – Don’t panic!  You can always just forward them to Pearl (, still) and we will tell you how to respond and/or walk you through everything that needs to happen.

That’s it!  🙂