The webcast that could put us out the college biz

podcast_channel_artwork.pngSo early this morning, we were going over tonight’s webcast, talking about some of the sillier stuff kids (and parents) do to “look good” for college.

Next thing you know, Pearl went into one of her “Pearl Rants,” which, if you ask me (and our kids), are incredibly funny, because SHE’s funny and has a little, um, “edge” sometimes.

The problem is that, while high in entertainment value, making fun of clients is probably not the best business model. I don’t have an MBA or anything but I’m playing a hunch.

I’m 90% sure that she’ll contain herself tonight, but I’m also predicting that I won’t be able to resist egging her on!

If you have a relatively thick skin, and a decent sense of humor, AND want to hear, directly from the front lines, what’s worked and what’s failed for today’s high school seniors…

…so that YOU and your Class of 2017 (or younger) child can get a leg up on

Multiplying chances of admission

Choosing a college list strategically (not based entirely on your NCAA bracket, the college’s climate, smiling, multiracial and zit-free kids on websites, brochures and other marketing)

Getting scholarships

Writing an essay that “sells,” not “sedates”

Then tune in tonight!

All details are on that link, including time and where to show up.

Also, we’re going to be giving away a Roku streaming device doodad to the first person who answers our challenge question correctly! (The funny – I guess that’s the right word – thing is that tonight’s question has absolutely zero to do with anything remotely related to college.)

You’re more than welcome to share this along to anyone who could use it, provided that they’re not easily offended and not the “hate email” type! 🙂

See you tonight,


P.S. Replay link to be sent to all registrants!