University of Virginia Facts and Errors

Monday I found myself in Charlottesville, Virginia, home of the University of Virginia.

I’m a fan of UVA – it’s a small state school (about 16,000 undergrads), a “reasonable” cost, they do a good job at getting kids through in four years:  93%

UVA does a great job at graduating kids with relatively low debt levels – its grads average about $22,000.

(UVA was also featured, but not named,  in one of my all-time favorite college books, Crazy U, which I lent to one of my clients last year but never got it back…I liked the book so much that I bought it again.  It’s hilarious.  Highly recommended – might even still be in bookstores.)

I was noodling around its site to check on the financial aid form process, because the College Board reported that UVA  required the FAFSA and its own institutional form, which I thought was incorrect.

I found discrepancies between what UVA reported, and what the College Board’s Big Future site said about what financial aid forms are required.  Which goes to show you that, although the “Big Future” site is a great resource, you can’t rely on it 100%.

There’s even an internal discrepancy between the Big Future site and the College Board’s web page that lists institutions that take the CSS Profile.

This isn’t a big deal in the abstract, but if you applied for financial aid and didn’t turn in one of your forms, it would be.

I’m going to explain more about how to avoid costly mistakes like this, research schools, write a great essay, etc. in my online Summer Lecture Series.  It’s free, I’ll make recordings available to all registrants.

Register today – I have only 100 slots available with my conference service.

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