How to Get Financial Aid and Merit Aid in Today's Turbulent Times


Finally!  A real-world, tested and proven step-by-step system to obtain college tuition discounts of 52.2%...and actually AFFORD college...even if you think, "Families like us NEVER get anything!"

This presentation is especially for stressed out, confused parents who are FRUSTRATED that they're not getting answers from their high schools, accountants or anyone else!

Hosted by Andy Lockwood, best-selling author and internationally renowned college advisor









Scholarships & Grants

The blunt truth about who qualifies for financial aid and scholarships during these turbulent times...

Negotiation Secrets

AFTER your college has "low-balled" you with a lousy, stinking merit aid or need-based offer, discover how to negotiate to get the cash you need -- and deserve!

College Admissions Facts, Half-Truths and Urban Legend

The unvarnished, non-politically correct truth about what it REALLY takes to get into a top college, today (Warning;  not for the overly sensitive or easily offended :)

In this 60 minute training, best selling author, talk show host and outspoken college advisor Andrew Lockwood, J.D. will show you how to simplify and apply your innate common sense to the overly complex, stressful and frustrating task of getting into competitive colleges...

...and actually AFFORDING them without sacrificing your lifestyle, plundering your retirement savings or feeling like you need to sell a kidney to pay tuition!

Topics include:

  • How high income families can obtain tuition discounts of 25%, 33%, 52.2% or even more...even if their child didn't single-handedly build a village in a third world country or cure Coronavirus
  • Did your CPA or Financial Advisor recommend how to save for college?  WATCH OUT - their advice may be hazardous to your financial health
  • The tragic reason why most high school guidance counselors FAIL the families they're responsible for helping
  • The 529 Savings Plan:  "Friend or Foe?"
  • College admissions, essays:  What do admissions officers REALLY want to know? What are they hoping NOT to discover?
  • Financial Aid Appeals:  How to improve a stingy so-called "final" offer from a college [Includes a family's $132,000 case study]
  • Business Owners:  a HUGE mistake that your accountant is blissfully unaware of, that almost cost a Glen Head NY family $75,000
  • Divorced/Separated:  Who should file, WHAT should be filed, and what to do with a non-participating, "Deadbeat" parent
  • The strange reason an expensive, high "sticker price" private college can actually cost LESS than a so-called "cheaper" state university
  • Today's college reality versus when YOU went to college in ancient times
  • Predictions for the post-pandemic future
  • More!

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