The Truth Behind the College Board’s Announcement

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In case you missed it in the middle of all the inaugural hoopla, last week the College Board folks magnanimously canceled the writing section on the SAT, and did away with SAT subject tests.

Did they do so out of the goodness of their hearts?  More importantly, what does this mean for your college-bound kiddo(s)?

Even though the College Board is an, ahem, “non-profit” organization…HAHAHAAHAHAH!!!!

Sorry, let’s try that again.  Even though the College Board is a non-profit organization, they are a Billion plus business. And, like any business, they have expenses, including their real estate holdings.

Here’s the lobby of their downtown NYC headquarters.

What a sh-thole, right!

The writing section and the subject tests sap up a fair amount of overhead. Two readers grade each writing section, somehow, then the scores get averaged and promptly ignored by the handful of colleges that required it.  For years.

So the CB pulled the plug after many, many years of wasting our children’s time.

Ditto for the subject tests.   They also require overhead, proctors, test center rent, etc.  And they too have declined in popularity overall, “recommended” by mostly elite colleges, but increasingly not worth the headache and cost to run them, obviously.

So what now?  What will colleges like Georgetown University, which insisted on three subject tests, do?

My guess is that AP exams will become more important, which has been the trend.

Guess no 2. is that the SAT — the “regular” traditional SAT — will continue to stay relevant.  My belief is that most admissions officers would rather see standardized test scores than not, given a choice.

Third prediction is that the REST of the college application, including GPA, rigor of curriculum, but also extracurriculars, character, perseverance and other qualitative factors will become more important.  Which isn’t really much of a guess, because if you remove one college application factor, that makes the rest of the factors more important.  It’s simple math.

No word on that the ACT is doing about their writing section, but I expect that to fade away quietly as well.

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-Andy “Non Profit Prophet” Lockwood

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