Free online class for stressed out parents of college-bound teens...

How to Get Merit Aid and Financial Aid in Today's Turbulent Times...

Even if you Think You can't Possibly Qualify for Anything!

This works especially well for parents who don't want to sacrifice their current lifestyle, plunder their retirement savings or saddle their kids -- or themselves -- with high fee, high interest rate debt

Syosset Libary -- March 11 2021 -- 7pm EST

On this webinar, you will discover little-known, closely-guarded strategies and tips that could literally save you thousands -- even tens thousands -- off the exorbitant cost of college, including:

  • How to negotiate with colleges
  • Did your accountant or financial advisor tell you where to save for college? WATCH OUT -- their advice may have RUINED your chances of getting anything (and what to do about it at the 11th hour)
  • The latest, BIG changes to the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and what they mean to you
  • The counter-intuitive reason why an expensive private college can actually cost less than a so-called "cheaper" state university
  • The strange reason why high income families have an edge when it comes to getting aid from colleges
  • Which types of savings accounts do NOT penalize you at all in the financial aid formulas
  • How coronavirus will affect college admissions and financial aid next year and beyond
  • How a Huntington family negotiated an extra $38,000 -- per year -- from the University of Pennsylvania...after Penn's so-called "final offer"
  • The 529 Savings Plan:  "friend" or "foe?"
  • Business Owners:  Legal "loopholes" that UNLOCK CASH buried in their businesses
  • WARNING:  Why your guidance counselor or "College Night" might SABOTAGE your child's odds of admission or getting aid
  • Tips for divorced and separated
  • More, including your questions!  This is a live event and we could answer your "burning" question, in real time!

The event is 100% free and there's nothing to buy. However, attendance is strictly limited and no replay is planned.  Sign up today so you don't miss out on this valuable information!

All registrants will receive a copy of Lockwood's latest best-selling book, How to Negotiate Your Crappy Financial Aid and Merit Aid Offer.