Surprising News About Desperate College Discounting

Lots of news in the last couple of days about how colleges discount families, including one great NY Times article, How Colleges Know What You Can Afford.

(Side note: yes, there are other news stories pertaining to non-Trump items, they’re just hard to find ūüôā

I think all the discounting talk is terrific, because the likely consequence will be to teach parents how to avoid paying full price. ¬†Fun fact: ¬†at any given college, roughly 75% of families receive some sort of discount off the “sticker price.” ¬†Fun fact deux: ¬†the average discount at a private college is now 49.1%.

On a related but different note, each year at this time the National Association For College Admission Counseling, of which I am NOT a member, thank you very much, releases a list of colleges that are STILL accepting applications. ¬†Yes, as in “now,” even as we close out May!

You might be thinking, what schools are on this list? ¬†Are they undesireable (dare I say, “deplorable”) colleges?

Of course you should judge for yourself, but there are more than 500 schools on the list. I betcha dollars to donuts¬†that you’ll be surprised if you scroll through them. ¬†I sure was when I saw the likes of Hofstra, High Point and Elon!


The NYT article and this list serve to remind us that this college stuff is all one big bid-ness, which by now should be patently obvious to anyone who has not been living under a rock for the last few years.

The lesser-understood implication, however, is that YOU – and your children – are in business for yourselves too, whether or not you realize it. ¬†The business of getting the lowest price possible so that you have a shot at College Return On Investment…

AND¬†the business of marketing yourself (your kids) to desireable colleges, when it’s becoming harder and harder to stand out in a sea of sameness when thousands of your competitor-applicants appear to have the same grades and standardized test scores.

Here’s where you can get more – free – information on how to¬†multiply odds of admission, and create a windfall of grants and scholarships, even if you think you can’t possibly qualify:


You’ll see that I’m speaking locally at the Wantagh Public Library tonight, and have a webinar and more live appearances in the next two weeks.

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Hope to see you soon!

Andy “College ROI Guy” Lockwood

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