Our State Of The (College) Union Address

Tomorrow night Pearl and I will be on message and tightly scripted and teleprompted when we issue our 3rd annual College Predictions For HS Class of 2019 And Beyond!

Or, we’re just going to wing it. 🙂

The truth – and sooth – is somewhere in between.  If YOU can handle the sooth (still funny), tune in tomorrow night, when we peer into the future and share:

  • Which colleges will be “hot”

  • Which colleges will be “not”

  • Which colleges will give out the most in financial aid and scholarships

  • Which colleges will be the stingiest

  • Will it be harder or easier to get into college next year?

  • Predicted changes to the financial aid process

  • Mistakes that thousands of college-bound teens will make!

  • Student loans and the Trump administration

  • More!


Judging from that photo, either Pearl ate something that didn’t agree with her or she doesn’t like what she sees!  You’d better hurry and sign up!

We are also going to give away a cool prize, but you’ll just have to wait and see what it is (unless YOU’RE the psychic one! 🙂

PLUS…we’ll be chattin’ live, so you’ll have an opportunity to have your tea leaves read!

Here’s where to sign up, and please forward/share this with a fellow parent who needs this info and trusts people in shiny hats and capes!


See ya tomorrow!


P.S.  Our predictions are strictly about college trends. Don’t ask us anything about bitcoin, football playoffs or political stuff….


P.P.S.  We don’t have a replay set up – one show…goodbye.