School Rankings: A Load of B.S.?

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There’s a lot about those silly “Best College” lists that you don’t know.  Some colleges go to crazy lengths to prop up their rankings.  For example, last month the president of Emory University dislosed that they had intentionally falsfied their incoming students’ GPA and standardized test information…

As far back as 2000! 

EMORY Article

Suffice it to say, rankings do not necessarily tell the most accurate story about the quality of education at a given college.  A recent series of short pieces in the New York times explores why kids should pick colleges based on factors other than rank – I think you should check it out:  NYT Article

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Many top-ranked colleges have gotten to the head of the class by understanding the rankings “formula” and positioning themselves to look better in the formulas.  Sure, they usually provide a quality education, but they don’t always provide an education SUPERIOR than lesser-ranked colleges.

So how else should you choose a college?  Let me tell you a story.

I’m working with a high school senior, “Grace” (not her real name), who is a top student:  great grades, SATs, outstanding resume.

Grace (still not her real name) goes to a large high school on the North Shore of Long Island, where a lot of kids apply to the same set of schools.  I’ll pause while you get over that stunner.

Grace wants to be a doctor, so she’s looking at top, “name brand” colleges with highly ranked pre-med programs.

But a few weeks ago, I requested that, while on a southern school tour with her dad, Grace check out a lesser-known college. The name of the school isn’t important, suffice it to say that it’s not on many rear window stickers on cars driving around these parts. 

Then I received a call from her dad a couple of days later.  “Andy,” he gushed, “we just finished up a tour of [College X] and were blown away. Do you know that 89% of their kids get into med school?  That’s better than some Ivies!”

Of course I played it cool, since that was the reason I recommended it.  (I believe my response was along the lines of, “Duh?”). 

Moral:  just because a college may not be on the tips of the various and sundry tongues in your neighborhood, school district, family barbeque, etc., does NOT mean that it’s off the radar of ’employers, admissions recruiters at grad schools or other important folks.

So don’t pick schools based on rankings alone!
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