“Scholarship Secrets” for High Income Business Owners

I thought I’d spin you a yarn about Rick the Great, my CPA bud who agreed to let me grill him tomorrow night, on our webinar for high income business owners.

In the not-too-distant-past, he, Pearl and I were on a Zoom call, looking over one of our recent tax returns.

In his low key, modest, cowboy way (Rick is from Montana, but now lives in Sarasota), he casually mentioned,

“Between federal, state and payroll taxes, you’re paying [ungodly, nauseating six figure amount]j.”


“I can probably get you down to…30,000.”


“Oh, and you’ll finally be able to qualify for need-based aid for once.”

(Pause again.)

“Oh yeah, and your health insurance premiums will drop too.”

Pearl was stunned, and couldn’t muster a response.

Especially because we’ve, thankfully, been on a roll, business-wise.

I, on the other hand, was psyched – – but not too surprised — because it feels like EVERY conversation I have with Rick goes this way.

About a month ago, we were working through a doctor’s returns, who shows seven figures of income.  We looked at his deductions, equipment, real estate owned, his and his wife’s ages, their children’s ages and a few more items.

Rick’s low volume, matter-of-fact verdict:

“I think I can save them $150,000, maybe more, in taxes.”


One more conversation, this time about an attorney who settled an 800K personal injury case one year:

“We can get his income down near  $200K, he’ll save 75K in taxes and be eligible for financial aid at [prestigious top 10 college].”

I know what you’re thinking, because, back then, I had the same question:

What kind of envelope-pushing, aggressive, Cayman Island, Bank of Madoff strategies is this guy spouting off about?

I’m a little skeptical me-self, so I did me some due diligence.

First, I asked Rick, “Scale of 1-10, 10 being most aggressive, how aggressive are these strategies?”

His reply?  “NOT aggressive.  One or two.”

Next, I ran the advice by my current CPA, who’s pretty, pretty smart.  To my surprise, he blessed them all.

Actually, he tried to take credit for them, which was partially funny, partially defensive and sad.

I did more research, but, enough about me.

YOU can judge for yourself whether these strategies make sense.  Fair warning, your CPA might be defensive, too, but remember one thing:

He works for YOU, not the other way around.

You’re the one paying the bills, including the IRS and your state.  You owe it to yourself to check this out.

Maybe there’s a way, right under your nose, to unlock cash from your business that was trapped there, or, worse, earmarked for the IRS?

The law says you have to pay your taxes…

It does NOT require you to leave a tip.

Picture what you could do with an extra 10, 20 or 50 grand?

Pay college tuition without palpitations?

Beef up your retirement account?

Pay down some debt?

Invest it in your business, to expand?

Take an actual vacation (gasp)?

This free class is tomorrow, Thursday night, one night only.

If you’re a high income business owner, and you feel like you’re getting hosed by the rip-off, overpriced colleges, you need to drop everything to tune in tomorrow night.

Please pass this along to your fellow entrepreneurs, not matter how filthy rich they may appear to be.  I’m going out on a limb, but I’d wager that they would not mind learning how to pay less for college and in taxes.

Here’s where to sign up:


-Andy “Not Just a Webinar Host, Also a Client” Lockwood

P.S.  I don’t mean to be pushy and demand that you come, because it’s not meant for everybody.

This presentation is for high income business owners (on paper) who don’t know where to turn for relief.

But if you’re OK with how much you’ll pay for college and taxes, you don’t need to come.  You can watch Jeopardy or relax on the yacht, instead.

Otherwise, here’s where to register and get all the rest of the details:


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