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Dear Friend –

If you’re the parent of a college-bound teen,  confused, anxious and sleepless about how your child will get into a top college…

…and how the BEJEESUS you’ll ever pay for it…

…I urge you to carefully consider this letter, because it could solve all of your problems.  I know, I know, a bold statement, but please hear what I have to say.

I’m announcing a new benefit for parents of college-bound teens – my comprehensive college planning coaching program.  It’s for parents who feel like they’re not getting nearly enough help from their guidance counselor, CPA, stockbroker or other supposed advisor…and don’t know where else to turn.

College Planning Guru covers EVERYTHING you need to know to prepare you  – and your High School Sophomore, Junior and Senior – for college…and beyond!  

More important, it removes that sinking, pit-in-the-stomach feeling, replacing it with the quiet calm and confidence that comes from knowing that you’ve done your best for you child…and your family.

Here’s what’s included in this new membership:

“Insider” College Admissions Advice

  • How to Pick The “Right” Colleges That Multiply Your Chances of Being Funded With Grants and Scholarships
  • How to Find “Gem” Colleges Overlooked by 99% of Students, Guidance Counselors and Peers…Beyond the “Rear Window Sticker!”
  • How to Choose Colleges STRATEGICALLY – So You Can “Play Them Off Each Other” and Maximize Merit Scholarships and Grants
  • How to Uncover the Hidden Sources of Endowment Scholarship Funds That Go Un-Awarded Each Year
  • Essay Workshop – How to Write an Essay So Compelling That Admissions Officers Will (Practically) Crawl Naked Over Broken Glass to Admit Your Student!
  • Which Extra Curricular Activities Shout “I’m THE ONE” – and Which Make Admissions Officers Groan, “God No – Not ANOTHER One!”
  • Secrets of Creating a Resume That “Pops” – Not “Bores”
  • How to Ace Your College Interview – What Questions Should You Prepare For, How to Answer Them…and Answers to Avoid!
  • College Visit Tips – Where You MUST Go On Campus…Even Though NO Official Tour Will Ever Take You There
  • Wait List Strategies for Deferred Applicants
  • How to Choose a Satisfying – and Lucrative – Major and Career! It’s Not About Only the Next Four Years – It’s the Next 40!

Rarely Disclosed, Money-Saving College Financial Aid Advice… Even for Families Who Mistakenly Believe “We Earn Too Much!”

  • 11th Hour Rescue:  If You’ve Saved Money In The “Wrong” Places, How to Fix It At The Last Minute and Rake In the Grants and Scholarships You Deserve
  • Why Parents Earning Six Figures Receive Five Figure Financial Aid Awards…How to Legally and Ethically Multiply Your Chances of Grants and Scholarships by Re-positioning Money from One “Bucket” to Another
  • Yes – You CAN Improve a Stingy Financial Aid Offer Without Brass Knuckles or a Baseball Bat…How I Increased a Financial Aid Award by $30,022 In Barely 30 Days
  • How to Calculate Your Estimated Family Contribution Accurately So You Can Double-Check The Financial Aid Office’s Calculation and Show Them The Error Of Their Ways If Necessary!
  • How to Accurately Project Your Financial Aid Awards – Months or Years In Advance…Instead of Being Blindsided After It’s Too Late and Forced to Confess to Your Child “Sorry, We Just Can’t Afford It.”
  • A Detailed – Yet Understandable – Walk-through Of The “Loopholes” and “Landmines” Scattered All Over the 1,100 Plus Pages of the Financial Aid Rules
  • Clear, “Insider” Instruction On How to Prepare Your FAFSA, CSS Profile and Institutional Financial Aid Forms
  • The Ultimate Loophole for Self-Employed Families
  • Special Money-Saving Advantages, Money-Losing Mistakes to Avoid, for Divorced or separated Families
  • A List of Scholarship Search Sites That Won’t Rip You Off
  • An Expert Overview That Cuts to The Chase About The Different Types of Student Loans and Bad Terms to Avoid  
  • Access to Our College Planning Calendar – So You’re Not Blindsided About Important Dates/Tasks After It’s Too Late

Imagine Yourself Confident, Secure and Relaxed…

…throughout the normally tension-laden college search process, while your fellow parents are chewing their fingernails and tossing and turning at night!  

YOU, on the other hand, will be able to kick back, relax and savor your child’s last few months as a high schooler, instead of feeling like a chicken with its head cut off!

But let’s talk turkey, instead.  Normally, most clients pay me between $2,500 and $6,000 to obtain my personal, face to face advice for one year.  I’m an attorney-turned college finance consultant with more than 11 year of “insider” information on “How to Pay ‘Wholesale’ for College,” which happens to also be the title of the book I wrote on college financial aid!

My retainer is justified because of my clients’ Return on Investment – the value they receive in scholarships, grants and general admissions advice – far exceeds whatever they lay out to hire me.

You too will receive a huge Return on Investment…

…Except that you won’t have to pay anywhere near my typical fee, thanks to the online technology I’ve invested in to deliver my college cost cutting and “insider” admissions advice to you. So if you’re on a budget or are the self-paced type, the College Planning Guru membership is perfect for you.  It’s surprisingly affordable and extremely convenient to access – 24/7!

And you won’t pay anything close to $6,000.

Or $2,500.

Or even $1,000…although practically ANY of the advice above could pay off in an amount five, even 10 times that figure!

The “sticker price” for the membership is only $597.

But I’m currently offering it for a lower amount, because I’m looking for motivated, proactive familieswho will benefit from this advice and provide feedback that I can use to help others.

If you are one of the first 99 to enroll, your trial membership is only $297.  Annual renewal is $97 as long as you want “in” – but there are no contracts or cancellation fees like a gym membership or cell phone.

I want you to know that your trial membership is 100% satisfaction guaranteed, with no lawyerly ‘weasel clause.”  Here’s how it works:

Take 60 Days – two full months – to evaluate your membership.   If at ANY time during your “test drive,” you decide for ANY REASON that the membership is not right for you, just notify us and 100% of your enrollment fee will be refunded to you promptly and without hassle.  We’ll even let you keep any bonuses you received!

Two long months to act as sole judge and jury – is that fair or not?

Valuable Bonuses For The First 99 To Enroll

If you are one of the first 99 to enroll, you’re entitled to the following valuable bonuses:

BONUS – Andy to PERSONALLY Review Your FAFSA/Profile to Catch Any Errors that could cost you lost grants or scholarships.  Value:  $750.  Allow five business days for comments.

BONUS – E-mail access.  As long as you’re a member, I will answer your e-mails.  Value:  $497.  Allow five business days for response.

BONUS – My e-book, “How to Pay ‘Wholesale’ for College.”  This book sells for as much as $39, it’s yours as my gift.

BONUS – Access to an interview with a real, live SAT expert – the man who “literally wrote the book on the SAT.”  He’ll disclose the most common mistakes students make on the SAT and ACT…
and how to avoid them.  Value:  $97

BONUS – Checklists, worksheets and other helpful materials that we use daily in my practice to organize the detail-laden, overwhelming college planning process.  Value:  $37


When my friends started telling me that they received nothing in financial assistance, I once again began to worry. But then our packages started coming from Ithaca, University of Albany, Syracuse and the best yet Boston University.

My friend said “I can’t understand how you received so much in assistance, while I got NOTHING, and I even had the FAFSA people fill out the forms.

Is she crazy? Why would the people who are giving you the money want to help you fill out the forms?

So all I can say is “Thank you Andy!” You made this whole process so easy, less stressful, and dare I say downright fun.

Thank goodness you know all the loopholes.  You are the best! Guess we’ll be seeing each other for the next 4 years.

Very truly yours,

Stephanie and Rob Salzbank
Port Washington, New York

Andy is so disarming and nonchalant about his capabilities that one has to wonder if it’s all a scam!

My son is going to a top school (GW) on monies he received totally from Andrew’s involvement.  He looked me in the eye when I asked him what his success rate was and replied without hesitation, “I get my clients 5 times the amount of their investment with me.

HE WASN’T KIDDING!!!  Best money I ever spent.

Scott Sanders
Long Beach, NY

My son was admitted to Tulane University and received an extremely generous aid package.  I strongly believe that what i learned from you was a big part of it.  

Thank you for providing this, and as my financial situation improves, I look forward to  consulting with you in person for my other children.


Great Neck, NY
(Son attends Tulane University)

Dear Mr. Lockwood –

Your program works and is proven to be successful.  Andy provided clear cut direction based on his knowledge and awareness of financial aid…We have recommended your firm to a number of our family friends and we are grateful that we were able to have the opportunity to work closely with you on this very important milestone in my son’s next step in life.

Sean Cunningham
Belleville, NJ
(Son attends WVU)

It literally was a huge relief knowing that there was help out there and you guided us step by step.  You saved me thousands of dollars that will enable me to lose a little less sleep.

Thanks for your help, guidance and for always being there when I had dozens of questions.  The bad part for you is that  with my two other children you will have to deal with me for the next 10 years, good luck with that.

Sincerely yours

Michael Levy
Roslyn, New York
(Daughter attends Maryland)

Dear Andy

I wanted to thank you for all the help that you have given me regarding my son Robert’s planning for college.

You were an enormous help when I have problems with the FAFSA form and eventually Suny Albany regarding their final decision.

Your professionalism and patience is what makes you and your business so successful.

I am going to recommend you to all my friends so they can put their mind at ease and not have to worry about undertaking this daunting process alone.


Sabrina Ferrara
Hauppauge, New York

Hello Andy,
How are you doing? I have some good news!!! The Office of Financial aid finally revised Farley’s fafsa and financial aid package and gave us more money. 

i went from receiving 4,600 to receiving 13,730 and they also sent 4,000 back to my sallie mae loan. I’m so happy!! 

Thank you soo much!!!

Filberta LeTang
Miami, Florida
(Son attends U Miami)

From the minute I walked in your door for the first time, I felt an enormous weight had been lifted off me.  You are an amazing team of knowledgeable professionals.

Thank you for all that you have done to help me and my precious girls.

Beth Freeman
Scottsdale, AZ
(Daughter attends Hamilton college)

Enroll today to lock in your savings – and to FINALLY feel the RELIEF that comes from having a clear, easy-to-follow game plan for how to succeed in the college process!

Families who are PROACTIVE – who plan – do FAR better than those who “blow it off.”   Take action today so you don’t lose out on opportunities that could change your child’s life!


P.S.  Why should you needlessly overpay for college?  Or rule out top choice colleges on sticker price alone?  Give your children the choice of colleges they deserve – enroll today!

P.P.S.  What if you’re not absolutely delighted and somehow you do NOT think the College Planning Guru membership is the greatest thing since sliced bread?  I’d be completely shocked, but I guess there’s always “someone!”  

We don’t want you to be unhappy, that’s why we instituted the 60 day “test drive” period for you to make up your mind.  You’ve got two full months to decide if our membership is right for you.  You’re not happy – we don’t want your hard-earned cashola.  It’s bad karma for the College Planning Guru!  🙂

So there’s no reason to hesitate – because there’s NO risk at all!  Test drive your membership today!

Andrew Lockwood, J.D.