Sales Page

This is the page you’ll be using to sell your membership. Do your best to make it shine. Images and videos help immensely. Feature your product and then grab an order form for it from your OAP account. You can use PilotPress to insert your form by clicking one of the icons next to ‘Upload/Insert’ above (As long as its been created already).

If you have multiple membership levels then you need a separate one of these for each. To create / modify these pages, you will:

  1. Log in to your WordPress backend
  2. Click ‘Pages’ on the menu on the left
  3. Click ‘Add New’ (or click edit on ‘Sales Page’ to change this content.)
  4. Name the page something indicative (ex. “Buy Silver Membership”)
  5. Add whatever sales content you’d like. Videos and images help!
  6. Add the order form for that membership level.
  7. Preview your page to be sure it looks good.

(Hook this form up to an order form along with a sequence to automatically add WordPress permissions to your clients profile, send them an email with their membership credentials, and send them a receipt. This comes standard with the Sell Your Stuff ‘Pro Services membership package.‘)

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