Newsday's Recipe for College Admission

The other day, Newsday (Long Island’s main paper) published a list of valedictorians.

I look forward to this list each year because I derive a sick pleasure from reading about the ridiculously over-accomplished students and seeing how I – and my own kids -come up short! 

OK, only half-kidding there…but I bet you do the same thing!

On a more serious note, what’s striking about this list of geeks (half-kidding again!) is how many of them engaged in atypical teen activities – i.e. did stuff that most high schoolers do not.  Of course this helped them get into Cornell, Yale, Harvard and the other top schools listed in the article.

Before you roll your eyes and say, “Yeah, I bet being Number 1 helped them get in, too…”, keep in mind that these colleges reject hundreds of valedictorians each year – and hundreds of kids with perfect SAT scores. 

So you need more than just great grades and scores to get in, you need to do something to separate yourself from the herd of other students – perhaps thousands – who have virtually the same grades and scores as you.

Sure, some of these atypical teen activities are beyond the abilities of most kids:  Intel semi-finalist, National Merit Scholar, cured cancer over the summer…

… But a lot of ’em can be done by any kid, regardless of intellect or other academic gifts. 

Debate Team is one.  Founding a club is another.

Check out the list and pay attention – think of it as a recipe book for admission to a top college.

– Andy

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