Re: the order you list colleges on the FAFSA

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In recent years, there’s been some media attention to the order families list colleges on their FAFSA.

The story goes that college admissions officers read into this info to see how interested you are in applying to their respective schools.

In other words, the BU guy would not be too impressed if BU was listed seventh (out of 10) on the FAFSA.

Why do they care?  Follow along.

It’s about “Yield.”  Yield is the number of kids who matriculate versus the amount of applicants admitted.  The higher the yield, the more desirable the college.

(Conversely, too many kids saying “Thanks, but no thanks” lowers yield and makes a college look unattractive.)

The more desirable the college, the higher the ranking in US News and World Report.

The higher the US News rank, the happier the alumni (Wow, Billy, can you believe how high we’re ranked THIS year? I could never get in if I applied today!).

The happier the alumni, the more generous they are with donations to the college’s endowment!

So if a college is listed lower than Austin Davis on the depth chart (look it up, great story!), its admissions officer may decide to ‘protect’ the college’s yield by denying admission to that candidate.

Is this really true?

Honestly, I don’t know.  Most admissions officers say it doesn’t work this way. But because I’m a smidge on the superstitious side, I cannot discount this completely.

So my advice is not to get too cray-cray about it – you know, debating numbers four, five and six for a week – but list your clear cut top choices first.


This should go without saying, but if your kid has anything unflattering or embarrassing on any social media account, now is the time to “audit” it and get it the hell off their profile.

An increasing amount of admissions officers admit “stalking” candidates on social media each year.  Don’t get denied because of something stupid you posted.

(Note – I was just up in Boston with a bunch of my high school friends.  Don’t look at my photos, we’re too old and boring at this point anyway.)


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