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Financial Aid Forms Prep. Questionnaire

Extra kids who need forms?  

Here’s where to sign him/her/them up! (If not, skip this!)


What happens next

Pearl takes your info, sets it up in our secure software that she uses to prepare financial aid forms, and emails you a link to review and edit. NOTE – PLEASE REVIEW AND EDIT EVERYTHING WITHIN 48 HOURS OF RECEIPT! (Sorry for the shouting.)

Then you and she will connect to go over your questions, her questions, etc. and file!

That’s it – over and out!

– Pearl and Andy

P.S.  We love hearing about your successes, so please remember to stay in touch throughout the entire process!  We hope that you are 1,000% thrilled to use our service.

P.P.S.  We’re going to work our tushies off for you.  All we ask in return is that 1. you stay in touch with us and follow the easy procedures we’ve established, and be prompt when we request something, and 2., at some point when you’re comfortable and tingly about how great a job we do, please recommend us to a friend or five!  🙂