The College Financial Aid Formula

Did you know that there is a “double-secret” financial aid formula to calculate your eligibility for grants and scholarships?

Well, yeah, there is.

But there’s one problem – it’s 1,100 pages long, courtesy of the Department Of Education.

If you don’t feel like wading through that gobbledygook, watch this four minute video instead to get a leg up on how the formula works…

…and how YOU can multiply your eligibility for financial aid!

I cover everything in this video.

Please forward this to any and all stressed out parents with college bound teens!  Know any?  (Most people can come up with 12-24 without breaking a sweat.)

Just send this, tell them something like “Helpful financial aid info from a wiseass” or words to that effect! 🙂


-Andy “Triple Secret” Lockwood

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