Princeton, We Have a Problem

Apparently, something that I quipped in public last week was really funny to a client, even days later.  Princeton.

This past Sunday, I met with a client, Tom, and his daughter and wife.  Princeton.

Tom had attended a live workshop earlier in the week, Princeton, where I fielded 20-25 questions from parents.

Six or seven of them came from one woman, who let it slip where her older child was in college…each time (almost).

Guess where he’s enrolled?  Hint:  it starts with P, and rhymes with “Princeton.”

Know any parent like that?  One who takes the opportunity to slip in a “humble brag” about her child, thinly disguised as a question in front of other parents?

(If YOU are That Parent, please unsubscribe from my list now.  Not that actual parent, “That Parent Who Humble Brags/Ivy Shames” other parents.)

I ignored the first couple of mentions, but after the third one I had to say something, so I cleverly informed her, “Yes, I’ve heard of it.”

I’m glad Tom got a chuckle out of it, days later, but it got me a-thinkin’.  Why do parents feel the need to behave this way at my workshops, high school “College Nights,” college tours and open houses?

To feel good about themselves: if their kids get into a “good college,” that’s somehow a reflection on their parenting?

To earn the envy of other parents?

To assert some kind of class or moral superiority over their perceived competition (other parents)?

Or just to hear their own voices?

Whatever.  Who cares?  I just want it to stop.

Actually, hold that thought – it’s actually kind of amusing, at least to me .  Other parents might be more irritated than amused, though.

I’ll ponder that for a while.  In the meantime, we have two events this week:

I’m running a live, local workshop tonight in Hauppauge.  We just released five more seats.

Also, Pearl and I are doing a webinar tomorrow (Thursday) night, for local and non-local parents alike.

I’m not sure what the humble-brag situation will be for either event, but the content about paying for college, getting into college, how to choose a college, etc. will be different than what you hear from your high school, that’s for sh-t sure.  🙂

Please pass these invites along to any non-braggy parents you want to share them with – thanks!

-Andy “Yeah, I Went There” Lockwood.

P.S.  The details and registration info for tonight’s live presentation in Hauppauge is here (but if it doesn’t work, that means we sold out. Seats are first-come, first-served.)


The page to register for tomorrow (Thursday) night’s webinar is here:


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