Accepting applications for 9th and 10th graders. Limited availability for 11th graders.

College “Burning” Questions

College advisor, author and Netflix star (for 43 seconds) Andy Lockwood answers a TON of questions about paying for college, getting into college and more, live and unscripted, without a safety net! Questions included: How to ask for more aid? How do you build a college list from nothing? How to estimate the real cost of a school How will test-optional policies impact Class of 2022 students? What can an applicant do differently this Fall to increase the likelihood of getting into safety schools? Does an expensive college give you an advantage over a public college or is that just BS? Is it taboo to make deposits for multiple schools? How many colleges should a Class of 2022 student apply to? What is the most important criteria that will determine admissions?   Tune in to hear what other parents of college-bound teens wanted to know! See for more info on how to get into a decent college and comfortably afford tuition, even if you think you can't qualify for anything, without robbing your retirement or selling a kidney.

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