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Lacrosse Recruiting in the Age of Coronavirus

College advisor Andy Lockwood grills Lacrosse coach and former 3 sport Ivy League athlete Dave Kotowski on topics such as: Who really gets athletic scholarships (WARNING: the answer may shock you) The truth about what coaches are looking for in their recruits (hint: it's not only athletic skill) The biggest mistake student-athletes (and parents) make in the recruiting process More! If you're the parent of an aspiring college athlete and can handle the TRUTH about who gets to play in college, and how to make it happen, this episode is for you! For more information about Dave Kotowski, Team Elevate and to download a free copy of his 70 page recruiting guide, visit: ( For more information on Lockwood College Prep and a free copy of Andy's most popular report, How to "Hide" Your Money from the Financial Aid Office, visit

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