How To Avoid Screwing Up Your FAFSA and Other Financial Aid Applications

The Odds Are Stacked So Heavily Against You It's Not Even Funny - Colleges are Businesses, the government makes hundreds of millions of dollars off student loan interest...but here's how you can level the playing field

financial aid delivery system

Above:  What the Government Calls Its "Simplified View" 

The odds of success are stacked against you - even one little mistake or inadvertent omission can SABOTAGE your eligibility!

Don't worry - we're your corner, so you relax, knowing that you've hired experts to help you beat the overpriced, rip-off colleges at their own game!

Strategic, timely and accurate financial aid applications can mean the difference between comfortably affording to send your child to her "Dream College..."

...versus having to look her in the eye, sheepishly, and confess, "Sorry, I just can't swing it."

We'll help you qualify for the most money you're entitled to get, so you don't have to mortgage your home or your retirement up to the eyeballs.  Services include: 

  • FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) preparation
  • CSS/Profile Registration and Application
  • Business/Farm Supplements
  • Non - Custodial Parents Forms
  • Institutional Aid Forms
  • Calculate Your Federal EFC (Expected Family Contribution)
  • Institutional EFC
  • Unsubsidized Direct (Stafford) Loan Forms
  • Subsidized Direct (Stafford) Loan Forms
  • Parent PLUS Loan Applications
  • Verify and Update your Student Aid Report

Additional Services Include: 

  • Counsel you on Loan Options and prepare all paperwork
  • Evaluate your Financial Aid Award
  • Critique your Awards to Determine Proper Financial Aid Allocation
  • Negotiate /Appeal Letters Low-ball Award Packages


Here's How It Works

When you say "yes" and enroll in our "Financial Aid Warrior" forms prep service, we'll make all the next steps easy, simple and stress-free:

  1. Immediately after you sign up, we'll request your info (tax returns, W-2s, some biographical info)
  2. You provide the info to us so we can prepare your forms
  3. We will schedule a call to verify everything, identify any opportunities to improve your eligibility and walk through all of your questions
  4. You approve the forms, we file 'em!

That's it!

Well, almost.  AFTER we file your forms, you'll get a bunch of emails, requests for info and other system-generated, impersonal communications from your colleges and the Department of Education (FAFSA).  Fear not!  That's what we're here for, as long as your a member of our $47/month "Inner Circle" we'll handle everything....

...even trying to negotiate and appeal your award AFTER the colleges issue them.



Choose The Option Best For You

Each Option Includes Lockwood Inner Circle Membership: Unlimited Support, deadline reminders (You may cancel any time). 47/month. See below for details.


550 + 47/mo support Cancel any time

FAFSA + CSS Profile/All Other Forms

1,200 + 47/mo support Cancel any time

The Lockwood Inner Circle Membership

Lockwood Inner Circle membership may be canceled at any time by the customer.  It includes the following benefits:

  • Unlimited support throughout the process
  • Negotiations/appeals of lowball financial aid awards
  • Monthly (or more) deadline reminders and "Here's what you should be doing now" client workshops, so you never blow an opportunity or find out too late that you should have taken action previously
  • FREE renewal forms prep for future years
  • The College Planning Edge newsletter, our informative and entertaining, non-politically correct publication, "snail mailed" to your door each month (i.e. not clogging up your email inbox)

Membership is normally 97 per month, but for forms prep clients, it's only 47 per month and may be cancelled at any time.