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Get College Ready Bootcamp

Here's what you get when you say YES to our program...

  •  All the support your kiddo needs to get his/her college applications D-O-N-E over the summer, before school starts in the Fall
  • 10 live, interactive group coaching sessions and accountability from Andy Lockwood and an actual, real life college admissions officer, June-October (recorded if you can't make it live)
  • (This means you don't have to scream or threaten your child all summer!  Your kid = Our project!)
  •  Monthly supplemental Office Hours to drop in, ask your questions
  • Brainstorming and one round of edits for the 1. the Common Application essay and 2. up to three supplemental essays (must be submitted to us before October 1)
  • Timeline of what needs to be done and when so nothing slips through the cracks and you and your child are not blindsided at the last minute by "hidden" deadlines that you should have known about!
  • Pre-recorded INSIDER instructional content, including interviews with former admissions officers, sample essays to model (NOT plagiarize!)  to review at your convenience
  • How to stand out in a “Sea of Sameness” from 50,000 competitor applicants with the same grades and same test scores,  and create an application so powerful that admissions officers will (practically) crawl naked over broken glass to admit your student
  •  How to choose colleges strategically, not based entirely on “Rear Window Sticker” or rank
  • How to visit colleges (yes, this is happening now)  - including the two key areas that you’ll never hear about on an “info-session” (sales pitch) or tour (sales pitch) 
  • A ninja way to ACE the college interview, by turning the tables on the interviewer 
  • How to find overlooked “gem” colleges that will give your child a great education at a great price
  • Waitlist strategies (huge this year - perhaps bigger next year!)
  • BONUS: How to qualify for five figure merit scholarships even if your child didn’t crush the SAT/ACT or cure an epidemic over the summer
  • BONUS:  Access to proprietary College Guru Software to help you create a balanced, strategic list and identify merit aid opportunities (far more powerful than Naviance because it lacks its inherent, misleading design flaws)
  • BONUS:  30 minute Fast Start Call to make sure you get everything you can out of the Bootcamp and answer your questions
  •  More!

Tuition is final and non-refundable

Your enrollment represents a spot that could go to another student.  Do not enroll unless your child is committed to rolling up his or her sleeves and getting things done!

Call or email us with any questions BEFORE you enroll:  516-882-5464 or [email protected]

What People Are Saying:

Thank you for all your help throughout the entire challenging process, esp. with the applications and essays!

Victorien Jakobsen Vassar College, 2019

We used Andy for the applications and essays. The whole thing was overwhelming, don't try this on your own! We will be back with our younger daughter. - Joe Iannone Owner, Avellino's Pizzeria Garden City, NY

Joe Iannone, Garden City, New York

Nicole is at her dream school, got her Presidential Scholarship - $25K! Thank you for all your help. I always recommend you to my friends. You and your team played a great role during that painful process. Thank god it's over lol! -Elina Kazakevich, Staten Island NY

Elina Kazakevich, Staten Island, New York

I know a lot of college planners who promise results but don't deliver. In your case, I got real results. Other parents thank me for recommending you. Dennis O'Hara, Superintendent, Hauppauge School District

Dr. Dennis O'Hara, Superintendent, Islip School District

Andy is so disarming and nonchalant about his capabilities that one has to wonder if it's all a scam! My son is going to a top school (GW) on monies he received totally from Andrew's involvement. He looked me in the eye when I asked him what his success rate was and replied without hesitation, "I get my clients 5 times the amount of their investment with me. HE WASN'T KIDDING!!! Best money I ever spent. Scott Sanders, Long Beach NY

Scott Sanders, Long Beach, New York

I needed someone to bounce ideas off for the essays. I knew my English teachers could not help me. Thank you!

Julia Petrini, Brown University 2019

From the moment I walked into your office, I felt an enormous weight lifted off my shoulders. Thank you for all that you have done for my precious girls.

Beth Sova, Scottsdale, Arizona

Thank you Pearl and Andy for helping my kids get into Villanova and Notre Dame - for “wholesale” prices!

John Gallagher, Jericho, New York

Just spoke to the Cornell admissions officer...who said that this was an incredibly competitive year and that we had exceptional applications and should be proud. Guess who made all this possible? We are so grateful to you. So much of the application was based on your sound advice.

Julie Pareles, Hewlett New York

Hi Andy, just wanted to let you know that I was accepted to Stanford REA yesterday. Thanks for you and the team for all the help so far!

Kevin Martin, Stanford 2022