The New ACT Changes (and what they mean for you)

As if getting into college, paying for college, photoshopping yourself to get into college, etc. weren’t already confusing enough, the good folks at the ACT recently announced that they were mixing things up a bit.

The jury is still out as to WHY and WHAT this means for us parents with kids about to sit for the tests (ACT and SAT), but we’re developing a pretty good handle on what you need to know if you have a college-bound young ‘un.

Even if you’re thinking about taking the SAT, not the ACT, you need to know what’s up with the ACT, because you may just want to shift gears after you learn about the new ACT.

Colleges STILL care about the standardized tests, by the way.  The rumors about the death of the SAT and ACT are grossly exaggerated.  Colleges aren’t all flipping to “test-optional” any time in the near future, mostly because these exams are STILL a d-mn good way of predicting how a child will fare in college, academically.

(Note:  I did not say that they are a PERFECT indicator.)

Plus, with grade inflation rampant at high schools throughout the land, it’s harder than ever for admissions officers to gauge how well equipped our kids are for college-level work.

Yes, I said RAMPANT.  Honestly, how many kids have C averages these days?  Today’s 86 was a 75 in the 80’s.

It seems like every child I meet with to discuss working together has a 93+ average, is a member of the National Honor Society (along with 75-80% of his class, talk about a Participation Trophy!) and, of course, is a leader.

There are no followers applying to college anymore.  

But I digress.  Nah, not really. My point is that the standardized tests are one of the last bastions of (imperfect) impartiality in secondary education today.

Scoring well on the ACT or SAT can make a HUGE difference in getting in where you want to go…

…AND getting your hands on a WINDFALL of fat, juicy merit scholarships!

Our tutor Marissa and I are going to discuss the changes to the ACT in a live webinar this Thursday night, i.e tomorrow.   We’re gearing up our classes for the December tests, which start this weekend, and will be offering a promo code on the webinar.    Please share this invitation with anyone you know who could use this info.

Here’s where to register:


And we have some other stuff tee’d up this month and next, including free local workshops, including tonight in Northport, our financial aid consulting/forms prep service, and a lacrosse recruiting “secrets” presentation in our office, next Wednesday.  

Email me at if you have any questions about any of the stuff herein.

-Andy “Participation Trophy 4th Runner Up” Lockwood

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