This makes or breaks your chances of getting into your Dream College

Here’s the deal:

The ACT and SAT aren’t going away.  They are one of the few, last bastions of “objective” evidence whether a child can perform college-level work.  (GPA isn’t, thanks to rampant grade inflation.)

I put the word objective in quotes, because, like it or not, the standardized tests are imperfect.  Students who put the time – and resources –  into prepping score higher than those who do not.

OK, so the tests are biased, that’s just the deal.

But here is what’s also part of the deal:

One or two points – literally – can mean the difference between getting into an Ivy or other competitive college, versus settling for a lesser school…not to mention winning boatloads of fat, juicy scholarships!

It’s not fair, but that’s how it works, like it or not.

So where do you turn?

The “Big Box” test companies (e.g. Huntington, Kaplan, Princeton) are terrific marketers and advertisers, and they all have great SYSTEMS.

But that’s also a problem.

In our experience, it’s obvious that your child should not be plugged into a marketing and sales system, or, for that matter, taught by an inexperienced new instructor who’s one lesson ahead of your son or daughter.

Plain and simple, systems don’t work – because each student learns differently.

Your child is a real life person, not a statistic, a “lowest common denominator” or a cog in a machine.

Naturally, this is the biggest, inherent, unavoidable defect of the national franchise test prep companies.

The Difference

Studies show that there are approximately 8,239 test prep options in Long Island, so an obvious question you might have is, “Why YOUR test prep classes?

I wouldn’t blame you for asking, because there’s a lot riding on your decision.

I aaid it before and I’ll say it again:  higher scores create opportunities.

Specifically, greater odds of getting into your life-changing, Dream College…

…and improved chances of getting thousands – even tens of thousands – in scholarships!

So let me lay it out on the table why you should feel confident when you say “Yes” to our SAT Cram Course or ACT Crusher classes.

Here, for your consideration, is a short list of factors that differentiate us from the rest of the world:

  • Experienced, Full-Time Instructor.  This is a full-time gig for Marissa, she eats, drinks and breathes test prep.  Other companies plug their part-timers into their “systems” before they move on to grad school or wherever they’re headed. Marissa worked for one of those other companies, ask her to tell you her war stories some time!
  • We use REAL ACT exams, not “Fakies” that other companies use, sometimes to demonstrate how much you need their instruction (the 98 lesson package!). This means that you are better prepared for the actual ACT, and that you are maximizing your efficiency by prepping with legitimate materials.
  • REAL scores. Other test prep companies are notorious for “rigging” your initial diagnostic tests, which are WAYYYYY harder than actual tests.  Then, presto!  They show you an amazing score improvement when you take a real test!
  • Time management.  We teach you how to stay on pace and blow through the time-wasting problems, so you can score your best
  • Psychology. Get into the minds of the test question authors, so you understand where they’re trying to “getcha”  – so you can avoid score-killing traps they’re hoping you fall for!
  • Psychology Part II. Your brain! We’ll teach you how to say “Goodbye and good riddance!” to panic and anxiety, one of the biggest causes of low scores!
  • Efficiency.  Marissa teaches EXACTLY what you need to maximize your scores in the shortest amount of time, no more, no less. We want you to stay with us for the PRECISE amount of time and instruction that you need, not a minute longer!
  • Different approach than a high school teacher.  Test prep is not a high school course or AP exam.  Marissa teaches strategies to score your absolute best on the tests, not regurgitate information in a high school academic course.  She doesn’t waste time on gimmicks or catchphrases to “game” the tests, either.
  • Relaxed.  Our tutoring center is down by the water. You can bring your surfboard!  Kidding, don’t.  But we do try to keep the unpleasant, weird rite of passage known as standardized testing as enjoyable and low key as possible, which means your child will do better on his/her tests.  The more relaxed they are, the better they’ll perform!
  • Bigger picture approach. Test prep is one, important piece of the college planning puzzle, but we look at this process being about more – the 40+ years of your child’s life, not the four years of college.  We can help create a balanced and realistic  college list, applications and essays, financial aid and scholarships, and selecting a major that is both satisfying AND lucrative…so your kid can get off mom and dad’s payroll sometime (wouldn’t that be nice!)

Our SAT Cram course starts this weekend.

Our ACT Crusher class starts in a couple of weeks.

Space is limited for each, so each student gets personalized attention so that they score their absolute best.

Here’s where to read about our tutoring, and our upcoming schedule and other details, and enroll while we have room:

Lockwood Test Prep Tutoring and Small Group Class Schedule

-Andy Lockwood

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