Killer Extra-Curricular Activities To Help You Stand Out

Load Your Resume With Activities So Moving Your Admission Officer Will Immediately Get Misty-eyed, Choke Up, Quiver His Lower Lip Until He Breaks Into Uncontrollable Sobs, Crying “Someone – Anyone – HELP ME!  We MUST Get This Kid On Our Campus!”  

Most college-bound teens know that it takes more than good grades and scores to get into a competitive college.  But are they engaged in the best, most strategic, extra-curricular activities?

Hold 0n – I am not advocating coming up with a bunch of crap that “looks good” on the college application.  You know what I mean, signing up for clubs just so you’re “well-rounded” or joining the track team if you hate to sweat.

In other words, don’t do “stuff” just so it looks good.  Admissions officers can smell the stench of resume padding miles out.

However, I think it’s great to try things that are out of your comfort zone.  Maybe you hate running, but want to challenge yourself by joining the cross country team, just to see you can do it.  That’s awesome!

On the other hand, it would be double-awesome to do something that

  1. Is related to something you love to do, or are at least strongly interested in;  and

  2. Most other teens would never do it

It’s a cliche, but you will get average results in college admissions (or anything in life, Grasshopper) by doing the same crapola that everyone else does.

But you’ll get above-average results if you are willing to do things that are different than what everyone else does.

Quick examples:  being a member of a team is typical.  Being a captain, or all-conference is ATYPICAL.

Being a member of a club is typical.  FOUNDING a club is ATYPICAL.

Being in a stock market club at school is typical.  Starting a business is atypical.

I hope you take this advice to heart!

-Andy Lockwood

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